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Valuations and Advisory Services

Professional property development and investment advice, providing solutions to your real estate and business needs, accelerating your success and working as your trusted advisors.

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Developing impartial advisory solutions across all asset classes

Our Hong Kong Valuation and Advisory Services team provides insight and bespoke strategic advisory based on solid economic, financial and local market analysis to help clients meet their real estate investment and development goals.

The team operates with a best-in-class approach and has pushed Hong Kong’s property valuation industry to a higher standard of service. This has created clear accountability and is delivered in compliance with ISO: 9001:2015, RICS and HKIS standards.

Development Consultancy

We conduct in-depth market surveys, feasibility studies, design and management reviews, often in conjunction with other consultants such as architects, planners, engineers and quantity surveyors. The team’s role is to focus on the development strategy, marketing, financial and management aspects of a project to assist in optimising the returns for the developer / investor.

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Balance Sheet Compliance (Annual Accounting)

Listed companies and managed funds require regular revaluations of their property portfolios to comply with the various regulatory requirements. Our experienced team is able to prepare valuations that comply with the local regulatory requirements in each market, and can be used for annual reports and when shareholders need to be notified of transactions that occur during the reporting year.

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Financing & Refinancing

As lending markets become more sophisticated, so do valuation reports. Fully supported valuations with comparables, calculations and reasoning are increasingly required in Asia, and we have implemented procedures and systems to prepare these in both hard and soft copy formats.

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Land Administration

We advise on town planning applications, change of use, lease modifications and short term tenancies. Services include valuations and estimations of the land premium involved, the optimum approach to be adopted, lodging of documents and negotiations with the relevant government departments.

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Litigation & Arbitration Support

We prepare proofs of evidence and expert witness reports in connection with legal disputes, claims and arbitrations. We are experienced in preparing reports in a form that is acceptable to the courts as evidence, and also in appearing in court to give evidence as an expert witness.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions often involve the transfer of significant property interests even for companies whose core business is not property-related. The performance can be analysed, and leases can be reviewed to confirm compliance with market standards and to identify any possible savings. Forecasts and projections of future performance can also be provided.

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Research & Insights

Make informed decisions. Get access to the latest property reports, essential market trends, projections and videos.

May 20, 2021

Colliers Radar | Cold storage demand increasing

The cold storage market has recently emerged as one of the more fashionable niche asset classes in Hong Kong for investors.
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Apr 19, 2021

Pilot scheme for charging land premiums at standard rates

On 4 March, the Development Bureau and Lands Department announced the framework of a pilot scheme for charging land premiums at standard rates.
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