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Asia Pacific Expert Insights | April 2022

Our experts discuss opportunities in the metaverse, transaction volumes in Singapore’s investment market, Seoul’s office market outlook for 2022 and record take-up in Western Sydney’s industrial market.

Markets to highlight this month:



Asia | Hospitality Insights Q1 2022


The outlook for hotels in 2022, key trends and insights and recommendations from our Hotels & Leisure experts.

In 2022, governments across the world have started to reduce travelling restrictions and have stepped-up efforts in rolling out vaccination plans. As the world continues to open for travel, the scene is set for a rebound in hospitality and leisure across geographies in the coming months.

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Asia Pacific | Expert Talks: Real Estate in the Metaverse


While it won’t replace physical real estate, the metaverse adds a new layer of potential opportunities for businesses and investors.

Ready or not, the metaverse is already a force to be reckoned with. This fast-evolving network of virtual spaces is not just defying physics – it’s set to redefine real estate as we know it. The metaverse is a network of virtual spaces where people can socialise, play, work, and even own property. But can virtual worlds generate tangible value for occupiers and investors? According to our experts, the answer is an emphatic yes.

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Australia | Industrial development update Q1 2022


The Western Sydney industrial market saw record take-up of both land and warehouse space in 2021.

2021 represented an unprecedented year for the Western Sydney Industrial market with take-up of both land and warehouse space being at record levels. Likewise, rental growth is currently at its highest level since 2013 while land values in Western Sydney increased by 51% in 2021. Our latest report provides an overview of the Western Sydney industrial land market including: the current land status and capacity, the timing of new supply, the a future land supply and land price outlook.

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Korea | 2022 Major trends in the transaction and leasing market


Seoul’s office market is seeing relentless expansion by tech tenants pushing our forecast vacancy to below 6% in 2022.

Seoul’s office market, centered around three major districts, is seeing a decline in new supply and relentless expansion by tech tenants pushing our forecast vacancy to below 6% in 2022. As alternatives to Seoul’s city center, we recommend tech tenants consider areas such as Pangyo, or Gwacheon, while biotech industry tenants should consider Magok, and Songdo in Incheon. We recommend investors pursue a strategy based on macroeconomic conditions and ESG standards in response to rising interest rates.

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Singapore | Investment Trends 2022


We expect higher transaction volumes in 2022, driven by large commercial deals in the pipeline.

Investment volumes should be strong in 2022. As yields compress, investors should focus on value-add and flexible usage assets, including assets such as CBD offices for redevelopment, warehouses, and shophouses. For FY 2021, residential sales made up the bulk of investment sales (43%), while office sales came in second (17%) with industrial sales tailing closely behind at (16%).

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Key Takeaways

The key takeaways in the infographic below reflect some of the main data points from each of the reports and articles profiled above

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For recommendations and insights into commercial real estate opportunities in these markets, reach out to our experts Govinda Singh, Abhishek Bajpai, Hannah JeongDavid HallRobert Wilkinson and John Howald.

View more of our expert thought leadership here, or visit our research library for past market insights across Asia Pacific. 

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