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Leveraging data-driven insights to accelerate success


Actionable research has always been a tool to support the decision-making process. Today, from the primary author of ‘Greater Bay Area: A 2030 Outlook’ and ‘The future landscape of the Hong Kong data centre market’, Rosanna Tang sees it as one of the most important aspects for real estate professionals, especially when the market has so much uncertainty. Here, she discusses her route into real state, research and how she ended up spearheading the Colliers research team based in Hong Kong.

How did your career in real estate research unfold?

My first job in real estate research was after graduating from the Peking University. I worked in several industries before discovering real estate, including being an analyst in an investment bank, but found myself drawn into property research. I’ve always been curious about the trends behind the numbers, but quickly realised real estate resonated, and I was eager to look to develop my career in this sector. 

Tell us more about your role at Colliers.

I have a couple of responsibilities, but my core focus is to provide actionable research in collaboration with our service lines. Through working together, we have great access to strong market data to analyse and realise the most up-to-date trends. Another key responsibility is to partner with our experts and present bespoke insights to clients and their property market and portfolios. 

In recent months, I’ve seen a shift in how stakeholders perceive me and the business. We no longer need to be just proactive in providing data, they are now coming to us to ask for the latest market insights. This is positive and a good indicator of the quality of the research me and my team develop. Market visibility is also very important to the business and I get opportunities to present the latest trends with major regional and local media outlets.

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far at Colliers?

I would say together with my team, any research we produce that is recognised in the market as being of high-quality is an achievement. There is such strong commentary already out there, so to create something that stands out, is great. Other examples I’m proud of includes our latest piece ‘Cold storage demand increasing’ and ‘Seizing the right timing for strata-title office acquisition opportunities’. 

Not only are we able to support our clients with data-driven insights to help them maximise the potential of their property, it also helps strengthen Colliers’ position as an industry leader in providing critical market insights for the real estate sector. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love hiking as it allows me to clear my mind and stay away from my busy work schedule. I have taken part in various treks, such as the Oxfam Trailwalker, the Moontrekker and the 50km Hong Kong trail.


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