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Leveraging ESG knowledge to add value


At Colliers, we are committed to maximising the potential of property to accelerate the success of our clients and our people. An area of specific focus includes improvement of performance through the adoption of  Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations and practices. Armed with ESG knowledge, our expert Rosaline Fu of Valuation & Advisory Services thrives at Colliers, as she plays a key role in fulfilling this commitment. For her, she doesn’t just see the need to provide advisory services to clients; she sees the necessity to integrate her ESG knowledge into real estate practices to add value to her clients’ businesses. Read on to meet Rosaline.

How did you get into real estate?

I started my career in the hospitality industry as a sales consultant. I was inspired by the green initiatives that had been implemented and this sparked my interest in ESG. I then worked in the sustainability industry where I had several clients who were property developers. While managing their enquiries on green leasing and retailing, I became interested in the wider practices in the real estate market. My curiosity has turned into a passion and led to me making the move to join Colliers.

Tell us more about your role at Colliers

I work in the advisory team which involves conducting market studies and recommending feasible solutions to clients’ real estate needs with a forward-looking, and innovative approach. Being a consultant, my greatest satisfaction comes when I see clients value my work and adopt my views.

I enjoy what I do as it not only allows me to expand my knowledge through conducting research and exchanging thoughts with other industry leaders, it also enables me to leverage my ESG knowledge, share relevant insights and add value to clients’ businesses. I believe real estate stakeholders will place greater ESG considerations on their decision-making process. This will be done sooner rather than later as it will start to play a stronger role in sustaining and optimsing investments in a responsible manner - this is something I’m passionate about.  

Do you enjoy the real estate industry, and why?

Yes, I do. Real estate is engrained in our daily lives. We live, work and spend most of our time in property; especially in Hong Kong where physical buildings are fundamental.

As a factual person, I enjoy investigating the development intention and operation of different types of assets. Working in real estate has also enabled me to connect with a wide-range of professionals from different industries including engineering and finance. This has helped broaden my knowledge and keeps me up to date with market trends, which is critically important to my personal growth and career development. 

Can you share an achievement that you’re proud of?

The win of a revitalisation project in Central has been my most remarkable achievement so far. Under a tight schedule, we managed to work with and lead a large consultancy team and the client, to secure a collaborative win. This is a testament to one of our core values, “collaborate to drive exceptional results”. 

The project was weighted heavily with a consideration to sustainability and had a lot of relevant requirements. Again, I was able to leverage my ESG knowledge and ensure the proposal adopted a best practice approach, answering the brief of the client. The fact that we could demonstrate Colliers’ values, as well as pursuing what I was passionate about, and being successful, gave me the greatest satisfaction I’ve experienced in my career so far. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Colliers for its tremendous support and trust, which enable me to deliver the services confidently and enjoy the success.