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Success that exceed expectations

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Being successful could be seen as a byproduct of working hard. For talents like Pureanae Jang, working hard is the byproduct of being successful. Sharing how being enterprising keeps her driven with a need to achieve, the recently promoted Associate Director who now leads the Valuation & Advisory Investor Services Team takes five-minutes to share a little more about her background and what keeps her focused.

Pureanae, can you share a little bit about yourself?

I was born in South Korea but spent most of my childhood in China. This unique experience allowed me to embrace different cultures, shaping my understanding on how to adapt a working style, especially in a multi-cultural time like what we have in Hong Kong. In total, it was nine years in South Korea, another nine in China, and 10 years (and counting) in Hong Kong- and now you know my age!

I started my career as a hotel consultant and my passion still lies in hotels. One of my hobbies is staying at (nice) hotels whenever I have an opportunity. I was able to experience different brands as I used to travel for work. Now, I’d say I’m the “go-to-person” when it comes to staycations.

How long have you worked in real estate and how did you get involved?

Long story, short; by chance. I focused my efforts on hospitality and leisure real estate but by chance a conversation I had with David Faulkner (former boss) convinced me to widen my horizons and step out of the hotel niche. Not turning my back on it, but with Hong Kong being the home of real estate, there was more scope for professional development by joining an agency and working with different assets.

Five years later, still working for Colliers, I now find myself leading the team I joined. Working with inspiring leaders and seeing what is possible only cements the decision I made. I have an aim to succeed, not just to complete a job, and being rewarded has made my journey very fulfilling, and I want my team to have a similar experience.

What success have you experienced this year?

We have a retained client who we have had a strong 12+ year relationship with. This relationship required endurance and time as this company which is made up of three subsidiaries consolidated into one office in ICC, and with decision makers moving on every three years. Taking the initiative, I actively reached out to invest in this relationship to see how I could help, and in the process, re-connected not just my team but other lines of business.

As a lead valuer that also account manages, I see my client’s success very much Colliers’ success. This means I need to have an acute awareness of the client’s business needs and layer that with the latest market data and insights. This can help deliver enduring value especially when we engage this data at the strategic planning stage.

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Pureanae Jang

Senior Associate Director

Valuation & Advisory Services

Hong Kong

Pureanae Jang works as an Associate Director of Colliers' Valuation and Advisory Services in Hong Kong. Pureanae manages a team of eight, and her projects' geographic coverage spans across Asia Pacific, in particular Hong Kong, China and South Korea. She is commited to provide accurate and well-supported opinions of property value to assist her clients to reach their critical goal - to acquire the best asset, secure financing, close a sale, report to investors or identify unlocked potential of an asset.

Her specialisations include:

• Single-asset and Portfolio Valuations

• Appraisal Review / Management

• Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

• Feasibility Studies

• Highest and Best Use Studies

Having grown up in Mainland China and Hong Kong, Pureanae can speak, read and write in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. With her diverse background and effective cross-cultural communication skills, she is capable of delivering portfolio valuations on a global scale. She has completed various projects in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Mongolia, Northern Mariana Islands, Singapore, Taiwan and The United States.

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