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Secrets for success within the competitive real estate industry


At Colliers, our enterprising culture enables our people to do their best work. As an ex-international rugby player, discipline, hard work and being able to listen and communicate are important attributes that Niall Rowark of Office Services brings to the table. After excelling in his first four years at Colliers, Niall has had his dedication rewarded with a promotion to Associate Director. Read on as he shares his experience as a broker and to find out his secrets for success within the competitive real estate industry.

How did you get into real estate?

It was as simple as a recommendation, really. After completing my MBA, I wanted to find a job that combined the interpersonal aspect with transacting on deals. At first, I considered pursuing a career in financial investment, but after speaking to a real estate veteran, I felt property was a very interesting opportunity, and it led to my decision to join Colliers as a broker.  

Tell us more about your role at Colliers.

I provide customised commercial office leasing services to meet my clients’ requirements. It involves crafting real estate strategies to suit their current and future market needs, through an in-depth analysis of the market.

I enjoy my current role as it allows me to interact with people from different industries and learn new things every day from them. I find it interesting because as a broker, you have a physical asset in which you are ‘selling’ and you have the flexibility to run your own client portfolio.

Could you share with us your secret for success?

First, you must be enterprising. Competition within the office leasing sector is incredibly high. You must think outside the box to provide solutions that meet, and where possible exceed clients’ needs and expectations. Any situation where you can deliver something better than you have promised, is great. An example, for me, I was working on a deal and was able to achieve a lower rent than what had initially been proposed. Having a good relationship with the client, and being able to leverage the landlord, we came to a final agreement that was 14% lower than the initial proposal.

Secondly, you need to invest in relationships. A lot of business opportunities are won on how well you know and get on with someone. For me, it’s the easiest and strongest way to win business. When clients have a specific challenge and they not only trust you, but also get along well with you, it already helps navigate one of the biggest challenges in having to source opportunities.

What would you like to do outside of work?

Exercise is a big part of my life. I’ve found relative success in sport (I’ve played rugby for Hong Kong) which underpins the way I like to lead my life. Being disciplined around work and training is something I pride myself on – especially around timekeeping. Earlier this year, I also completed the 50km Hong Kong Trail to raise money for spinal cord injury research. It was great to support such a good cause, but to do it with colleagues and support from Colliers was fantastic.