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Colliers’ experts – seeing things differently


Having an enterprising spirit is ingrained in Colliers’ culture. Our professionals embrace change and think differently to turn today’s challenges into future opportunities. Meet one of our valuation experts, Nancy Chan, who illustrates how we see what could be. She also shares how our brand values guide her day-to-day work.

How did you get into real estate?

I studied surveying at the University of Hong Kong. The course is unique in Hong Kong as it covers every discipline of surveying, aiming to create well-rounded professionals to help develop and manage property assets.

Undoubtedly, I started my career as a graduate surveyor. I had a three-month internship opportunity at a construction company doing quantity surveying, but I realised that I enjoy meeting people and would rather be involved in the whole process of developing or managing a property. So I decided on a career in general practice surveying.

Do you enjoy being working in the real estate industry, and why?

Yes I do. Real estate is part of our daily life. I am at the forefront of best practice and I see things differently as a real estate professional. With my knowledge, I can also understand the rationale behind government land policies.

An example is Site 3 in Central. Some people might just see it as a big piece of vacant land which will become office or retail assets; however, I see the site’s development potential, given its prominence to become a new iconic landmark on Victoria Harbour.

Another example is that most people just see how the retail sector has been affected by COVID-19, as this is something they see in the news. However, I see new tenants taking advantage of the opportunity to negotiate rents to establish or expand their businesses in a traditionally difficult to enter market.

Tell us more about your role at Colliers?

I am one of the first points of contact for our clients. I help them in their decision-making process by providing analysis and valuation advice for various types of properties, and provide strategic solutions to optimise the potential of their properties to meet their development and investment needs.

As a professional surveyor, integrity is essential. Doing what’s right for our clients is always at the forefront of my mind in my day-to-day work, and I aim to provide them with unbiased and strategic advice. Tell us your experience with Colliers.

I am passionate about and Colliers and its enterprising culture that encourages innovative ideas. This place enables me to think independently to achieve goals, and empowers me to be accountable in all that I do.

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Nancy Chan

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Valuation & Advisory Services

Hong Kong

Nancy joined Colliers in 2019, she is specialising in valuation and advisory services. She is always willing to help her client and gives her professional valuation  advice on their properties, assets, plant and equipment, business and financial instruments. 

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