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Interning with Colliers – Bobby Wen

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Bobby Wen, an ex-intern from Australia shares some of his experiences interning with the Office Services team in Colliers Hong Kong.

Why did I choose an internship at Colliers?

When I was offered an internship opportunity in Hong Kong, I knew I wanted to be with Colliers. Not only is it one of the most reputable real estate firms in the world and Hong Kong, they also have a huge presence back in Australia. Growing up in Australia, what you notice is the importance of real estate to everyday Australians. That is why I wanted to learn more about real estate, brokerage and the Hong Kong market.

Which department was I interning at and what did my job consist of?

I was allocated to the PRC team within the bigger Office Services team. This meant that I was dealing primarily with mainland Chinese clients and supporting my team in delivering brokerage and research for mainland Chinese companies looking to expand or relocate in Hong Kong. My primary responsibilities included meeting and engaging with clients; undertaking market research and feasibility studies; Cold calling and sales pitching to prospective clients as well as translation of documents in Chinese and English.

What did I gain from my internship and what challenges did I face?

Living and working in a foreign place is always challenging, especially if you must do it in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. I think the biggest adjustment I faced was adapting to the high intensity and challenging working culture of Hong Kong. I’ve been both humbled by the dedication and hard work my team had put in every day. Their example and inspirational work ethic has been my biggest takeaway from this internship.

What was my favorite memory at Colliers?

My time here has been immeasurably great, but if I had to pick one, my favorite memory would have to our team building event at Mui Wo island. It was good to get to know everyone in the office personally and see how much fun we can have outside of work too.

What advice would you give to future interns?

My key advice would be to properly understand your motivation for going into a team and how that aligns with your own skills. Being in sales, you need a strong personality, confidence and resilience to bounce back from failure, something which I personally suited.

What did it mean being an international intern working in Hong Kong?

Being an international intern in Hong Kong means you have a lot more opportunities to connect with local expats here. One saying that’s really stuck with me is that ‘Hong Kong is a village.’ In such a big city you’d be surprised how connected everyone is. As an intern, you get a highly valuable opportunity to tap into the global connections here.

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