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Interning with Colliers – Angelica Cheung

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Meet Angelica Cheung, she’s a student hailing all the way from Toronto, Canada who joined us a two-month summer internship program in the Marketing and Communications team.

Why did you choose an internship at Colliers?

I had always wanted to get my foot into the real estate world and decided to do an internship at Colliers after hearing about how the company had an amazing senior management team. I knew that Colliers would be able to provide me with an experience filled with knowledge and opportunities for me to expand my skillset and learn from my co-workers.

What did your job consist of?

As a Marcomms intern this summer, I worked under different managers and was able to gain a lot of insight and knowledge of the different streams within Marketing. I had the opportunity to engage in event planning internally and externally, create media content and execute media campaigns, as well as photo editing.

What did you gain from the internship and what challenges did you face?

This internship was very rewarding and allowed me to truly see what Marketing consists of and what kind of responsibilities a Marketing professional would take on. Before working at Colliers I had a very narrow perception of what Marketing was and the role it played in an international real estate firm. I was very thankful to be given so many different types of tasks and projects, as well as the freedom to be creative in my work, and this completely changed my viewpoint of what I initially believed Marketing was.

I think the biggest challenge I faced was the corporate culture and how to place myself correctly in that bubble. My co-workers were able to provide an environment that was easy to work in, and gradually allowed me to gain the confidence that I needed.

What was my favourite memory at Colliers?

My favourite memory from Colliers had to be our summer-themed Think Tank Thursday! I felt very lucky to be given so much freedom and responsibility to plan and execute my ideas for this event. I had the most fun working with the MarComms team and seeing it all come together, and the whole office having fun was a very special memory during my internship.

What advice would you give to future interns?

My advice to future interns would be to take initiative and ask questions. How you make the best out of your internship ultimately depends on you and the actions that you take during that period.

What did it mean being an international intern working in Hong Kong?

Being born in Hong Kong but raised in Canada, it was easy for me to relate and have fruitful conversations with both Hong Kong locals and expats. I was able to use both Hong Kong and Canadian culture to benefit me and maximize my opportunities during my internship at Colliers.

Are you someone or do you know someone that’s looking for an internship? Let us know, we have all kinds of interesting opportunities. And what better way to gain some experience than in a place that lets you be yourself!