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Meet Our Experts | Stanley Wong, your investment-wise friend

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At Colliers, Stanley Wong likes to flex his ingenuity to offer our clients inspired solutions when they are considering acquiring or cashing in on their assets

Stanley Wong is a real estate investment expert. His property, your property, it doesn’t matter, because your success is his success. He always wants to get his clients the best deal he can.

Another thing he’s not shy about sharing is his ambition to make sure everyone knows Colliers is a global company, with experts on the ground all over the world who stand ready to provide his clients with the best advice and information. He leans into the global network Colliers provides for whatever he needs to help his clients wherever they are in the world.

"If your investments are maturing or coming to the end of their cycle,  I’m ready to help"

“I’m an expert in investment deals - size and value don’t matter. If your investments are maturing or coming to the end of their cycle,  I’m ready to help,”    Stanley says. “Just give me a call.” The core skills he brings to Colliers’ talent pool include handling tenders and auctions for significant assets, such as retail podiums, en-block deals, development sites, major retail malls, grade A office and luxury residential property.

Born, raised and educated in Hong Kong, Stanley knows the world’s most expensive property market inside out. “It’s like no other market in the world,” he says. “I know that when it goes down, most of the time we can ride it out, and I can advise clients to just be a little patient.” He has a bachelor’s degree in Surveying and an MBA from the University of Hong Kong.

Of all Colliers’ values, Stanley finds that “Be enterprising” allows him to flex his ingenuity and offer creative and assertive solutions to clients, rather than being limited by a top-down management approach.

Stanley firmly believes in the adage “work hard, play hard”. “When I’m at work, my focus is 100% on work. When I am playing, my focus is 100% on playing.” In terms of play, he enjoys a round of golf, although he’s not someone you’ll find avidly working on his putting skills. He enjoys the time spent with clients, the opportunity it offers him to get to know them better, and a chance to discuss things in depth. 

“One of my bosses gave me some very valuable advice. He said, “When you go to a party, be a host, not a guest.” This philosophy stirs him into being proactive about what he does best, caring for clients and ensuring they make informed decisions.

He also enjoys running every day, either early in the morning or after work, and always solo. “I use that time to focus my mind on the day ahead or just gone.”

The thing Stanley really looks forward to is an annual ski trip with his family, a good three weeks to spend meaningful time with his wife and two sons. “I love the speed and excitement of skiing,” he says while admitting he’s fairly new to the sport, having first started with snowboarding.

The kind of determination it takes for an adult born in Hong Kong to glide gracefully down a slope carries over into his career too. “Every year when we attended the Emperor Group’s celebration cocktails and award ceremony, we would see our competitors getting awards from Mr Yeung [CEO Albert Yeung Sau-shing]. I told my colleagues that we needed to get an award within five years. In 2019, I helped Emperor Group to buy an en-bloc building in Sheung Wan and won an “Excellent Achiever” award. 

“It just goes to show that if we give ourselves targets and put in the effort, we really enjoy the rewards,” he says.

With more than 20 years of experience, Stanley is an industry leader in real estate. He previously worked for a competitor as an Executive Director and former Head of Capital Markets for a decade before joining Colliers as a Senior Executive Director in the Capital Markets & Investment Services team. He racked up more than HK$20 billion’s worth of transactions during that time. 

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Stanley Wong

Senior Executive Director

Capital Markets & Investment Services

Hong Kong

Stanley is an industry-leading real estate professional with over 20 years’ experience working in Hong Kong’s property investment market. During this time, Stanley worked as an Executive Director and the former Head of Capital Markets for a competitor from 2012 to 2020 where he handled over HK$20 billion in transaction value

Stanley has a bachelor’s degree in Surveying and an MBA from the University of Hong Kong. Since completing his educational studies, Stanley has continued his professional development to become a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and RICS.

Stanley’s transactional background and core skill set includes handling tenders and auctions for major assets such as retail podiums, enbloc buildings, development sites, major shopping centres, grade A offices and luxury residential. He also has experience on property acquisitions and disposal for major developers, investors and end-users in Hong Hong, as well as overseas institutional investors.

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