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Meet our Experts | Bill Chan

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The role of Bill Chan and the Industrial Services team in Hong Kong does not stop at the conclusion of a transaction. They ensure clients stay informed with market-leading insights and commentary.

Bill Chan recently returned
 to Colliers’ Industrial Services team in Hong Kong at a time when the company is focused on capturing market share and has an extensive growth strategy. The interest from investors in industrial assets has also taken off and the team is meeting this demand by ensuring clients have all the information they need to make the right leasing and investment decisions for their businesses. 

These were two of the reasons why Bill came back to Hong Kong in April after three years working for a real estate development and property management company in Canada. “I saw the direction that the business was going and how strong the industrial sector had become. I felt I could not pass up the opportunity to be part of that,” he said. 

Two of the firm’s values were also important in helping him make up his mind. One was Be Enterprising, the other Collaboration. “I think of myself as an entrepreneur, with a clear objective of establishing Colliers and the Industrial Services team as the market leaders. I see it as my own business, so I am committed to making it work.”

That, of course, is all within the context of a team and that’s where collaboration comes in. “I take an open-minded, give-and-take approach within the team, for example in sharing information or personal views about the real estate and financial markets.” Everyone is keenly aware that only by combining expertise and knowledge can we move forward and accelerate the success of our clients and people. “I am more than willing to introduce clients if it means we can work together to deliver against what the client wants,” he added. 

Keeping going

Bill puts the same amount of grit and determination into pursuing the best outcome for clients into his outside interests, which include marathon running, singing in a band and a private clothing business. “The key thing you need for a marathon is commitment. You need to apply yourself and know that there are no shortcuts in finishing. I try to bring that same spirit when advising clients on seeing a transaction through to its conclusion,” he said. “And when you sing in a band, you are performing as an individual but also in a team, so the parallel to your work life is obvious. This all ties in with Be Enterprising and being able to Collaborate”.

Teamwork will certainly help the business navigate the unpredictable times Hong Kong is going through at the moment. The fifth Covid-19 wave has receded, but its impact has cast doubt over any forecasts for the commercial property market made at the beginning of 2022. At the same time, the industrial sector is stable.

Referencing the industrial sector’s outlook, Bill believes two key policy initiatives will help supplement growth in the years to come. “We believe limited future supply and increased scope for conversion, thanks to the government’s Revitalisation 2.0 scheme and the implementation of the standard rate land premium, will continue to attract more capital, especially from institutional investors chasing industrial assets,” he says. 

We’re in growth mode

It is against this backdrop that Colliers has chosen now to develop and expand its industrial sector expertise and experience in Hong Kong. Apart from Bill, who has 28 years of experience covering industrial real estate brokerage and industrial manufacturing, other well-known specialists of many years’ standing and up-and-coming advisers are now part of the Industrial Services team. 

"Clients can also rely on an extensive collection of market-leading insights from all our experts on the Industrial Services team."

"Two other highly experienced professionals – Roy Chan and Eddie Fu  – also returned to the firm shortly before I did in March,” said Bill. “Roy’s expertise with data centres, logistics and cold storage complements the focus areas of multiple Colliers’ business lines and Eddie’s recent experience in the Southern China market will also add to what the Industrial Services team can already offer.” 

The new appointments are all part of the firm’s Enterprise ’25 Growth Strategy, which aims to grow the industrial business’s headcount by a further 50% by the end of 2022 and the overall Hong Kong business by over 25% each year.

Breadth and depth

The Industrial Services team is eager to use its expertise to maximise the best qualities of a property and ensure it appeals to and retains the right tenants. At the same time, they are committed to helping clients through the leasing process and all the quirks and obstacles it may put it in the way. 

The team offers clients creativity, strategic thinking and a deep and broad network to assist them with any requirement across the world. As the leasing business continues to grow, Bill will look to hire the best-quality professionals who can commit themselves to Colliers’ values of enterprise, collaboration, investing in relationships, expertise and doing the right thing for clients, people and communities.

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Bill Chan

Senior Director | Head of Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Hong Kong

Bill is a Senior Director in the Industrial Services business in Hong Kong. He is an industry-leading real estate expert with leasing and investment expertise spanning 28 years in industrial brokerage and manufacturing. He has an extensive track record of major leasing, disposition, and acquisition deals across a range of assets in multiple global markets.

Not only that, he has specific experience with cold and self-storage assets, and advised GDS Holdings Ltd on setting up their first data centre space in Hong Kong, which complements the focus areas of multiple Colliers’ business lines.

He recently re-joined Colliers after leaving in 2019 to work in Canada for DHF Capitals, a real estate development and property management company, and he now looks forward to accelerating the success of our clients and people.

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