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District highlights – Pokfulam: Modern and colonial

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Pokfulam is a hidden gem that is actually not all that hidden. Located at the most western point of the Hong Kong Island, it is a seaside neighbourhood full of gardens, that combines Hong Kong’s modern urban living with a green lifestyle, while clinging to some of the territory’s colonial past. Pokfulam has stunning sunsets and sea views, it has houses and apartments that offer better value-for-money than most districts in Hong Kong, as well as some great primary and secondary schools, a good transportation network with an MTR station nearby, and it’s within a fifteen-minute drive to and from Central.

The lifestyle

Even though it’s close to the fast-pace hustle from Central, Pokfulam has a more idyllic lifestyle. It is a district that is lived in relative serenity, with the quality of life that many families, both locals and expats, are looking for; it is a family friendly neighbourhood, with a strong communal atmosphere, and plenty of green living. Its waterfront location and green areas, as well as the Cyberport Waterfront Park – a popular destination in the area, mean that children have plenty of space to play, groups of people can gather around for all manner of outdoor activities, and dogs have room to stretch and run.

The few neighbourhoods in Pokfulam have a wide range of homes accommodating different budgets – everything from the modern high-rise buildings with all the facilities one would need, to the older colonial style homes full of character with large balconies. Bisney Road/Consort Rise and the Sassoon Road combined area is a small pocket which offers a choice of low-rise colonial buildings and townhouses. On the other hand, Mount Davis and Victoria Road have spacious mid-rise apartments along the mountain side with beautiful views of the coastline; Scenic Villas, Baguio Villas and Victoria Gardens are a few of those estates.

For those looking for five-star facilities, or a selection of luxury apartments as well as large homes, high-end residences such as the Bel-Air have what you’re looking for. They are a well connected part of Cyberport, with access to many of the facilities in the area as well as a choice of three club houses.

The amenities

Cyberport is also has a huge office complex that focuses on technology companies, which has attracted several amenities into the area. For those looking for more cosmopolitan options, Pokfulam has an indoor shopping mall – The Arcade, with local and international F&B options that range from Chinese, Japanese and Thai, to European and Mexican; as well as basic services such as a bank and a post office, a cinema, a five-star hotel, and a fusion supermarket stocked with all the essentials. For the sports lovers, Stanley Ho Sports centre has a full range of facilities and there is also the Kennedy town Swimming Pool; one can even go horseback riding at the Jockey Club’s Pokfulam Public riding school.

Good living

Pokfulam might not be a top-of-mind destination for those looking for a new home or district, but if you’re looking for a family friendly place with an outdoorsy lifestyle, it could be the right place. It has green open areas for kids and dogs to run, picturesque scenes of Lantau Island, the outlying islands, and even Hong Kong’s busy harbour; there is always a spot to gather with friends for a picnic and to play some music, or to take a stroll through some beautiful gardens. If there’s one thing that Pokfulam can offer, it will be good living.

If you’d like to know more about Pokfulam – what the area is like, what kind of lifestyle it offers, what are the amenities, or even what homes are available, please don’t hesitate to contact me. As a resident of Pokfulam, I’m always more than happy to share the wonderful experiences I’ve had in the area.


Alvys – Neighbourhood pizza

Catch – Brunch place

Mama Malouf – Modern Lebanese Kitchen

Missy Ho’s – Bar

Little creatures- Bar

Coffee shops

Winston coffee shop

Thecofftea shop – little hole in the wall

New Stores

Slowood – Newly opened Sustainably lifestyle grocery