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For landlords, tenants or investors market intelligence is vital in making the best decisions for the business. The real estate strategy requires high-quality and customizable market research and expert analysis in order to help the client to assess market trends and facilitate making better decisions for their business.


Colliers Georgia Research team provides a wide range of services, continuously monitors and reports on all sectors of real estate in Georgia, provides market insights for our clients and works closely with our regional colleagues, conducted office market research in Baku. Collaborating with Development Advisory, the research team has participated in preparing the document of spatial development and concept of master plans for several cities in Georgia.


Our service includes market reports, snapshots in specialized sectors related to real estate, as well as research tailored to the business and market to ensure the client has the right information to help achieve their goals. The research team also provides bespoke consultancy and advisory service - development potential brief study of the project. 


Our Service Lines


Development Potential Brief Study


Sectoral Research


Periodical Reports



Development Potential Brief Study


Our research team provides bespoke consultancy and advisory services. Before starting a business, a development potential brief study will enable the client to estimate the idea and relevant financial resources that will be needed to ensure the successful launching of the project. Real estate development potential brief study includes analyzing existing and future context of the location, assessing demand-supply tendencies on relevant real estate markets, proposing high-level development program – functional mix, projecting revenues and capital expenses. The delivery period of the study covers on average 2 business weeks.  


The study consists of the following steps: 

  • Analysis of location context
  • Review of relevant real estate sectors
  • Proposing functional mix
  • High-level financial projections
  • Recommendations and Conclusions






Industrial and Logistics



Colliers continues to create new technological opportunities and offers an updated version of Through the platform, the research team provides users with information on key market insights and the latest tendencies, making it even easier to analyze the information in combination with the data. 

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  • 8 Light Years of Experience
  • 6 Light Sectors
  • 80 Light Clients
  • 200 Light Projects

The Research team has 8 years of experience completing almost 200 projects in real estate covering all main sectors. Comprehensive research was prepared for the Ministry of economy and sustainable development and its legal entity “Enterprise Georgia”, Tbilisi City Hall, financial institutions such as Procredit Bank and Bank of Georgia. Among the clients are several large and medium scaled developers. Together with other lines of Colliers Georgia, the research team has provided real estate market research for international clients, such as European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

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