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Real Estate Investments


Georgia Focused Real Estate Investments


Elysium Asset Management is the first Georgia-focused real estate investment fund manager offering investors opportunity to tap into diversified portfolio of real estate assets through fund investment vehicles in Georgia. Elysium Asset Management is a partnership with solid financial, investment and real estate experience in Georgia.


Business Lines

  • dblue_AC_Office Asset and Development Management
  • dblue_Agreement Deal Property Management
  • dblue_Corporate Finance Investment Management

Our Mission and Vision


Opening alternative investment opportunities and offering international best practice and expertise in Georgia’s quality real estate and investment fund management


  • Alternative investment opportunities in Georgia’s real estate sector
  • International investors exposure to Georgia’s real estate through the fund structure
  • Local investors diversification possibilities in Georgia’s real estate via simple investment
  • Our deep expertise of the local market to offer quality investment possibilities and best international practice for investing in real estate investment funds


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