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Natural Resources Consulting

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In order to gain the right to extract natural resources, it is necessary to go through certain procedures. Our dedicated Waste, Energy and Minerals specialists provide expert advice to operators, developers and investors on the sale, acquisition, disposal and valuation of these niche assets.


Specialist experience with an extensive library of market evidence to enable accurate analysis and benchmarking. Understanding buyer priorities allows us to target the right private and corporate purchasers in order to achieve the best price.


Approved valuers for all major lenders. Drawing upon the Colliers International global platform, our clients also have access to research, rating, building consultancy, sustainability and investment services.





Our Studies combine high level technical, economic and financial analysis along with environmental and legal inquiries that provide the client with preliminary insights to support them in complex decision-making process. The studies are fulfilled by the diverse team of individuals including Colliers Global network professionals as well as local technical third-party experts.


Our team of government relations experts and skilled communicators work to protect your interests at every level through a full spectrum of services. We apply our deep industry and policy knowledge to build meaningful government relationships and shape public opinion regarding the issues that affect your business.

Clients utilize our government relations skills and support on a wide range of topics, including legislation, tax incentives, policy, government liaison, project planning.


Our valuations take into consideration different aspects of mining business. We analyze historical financial performance of the operational entity, market data, mining & production methods, maintenance and reliability of the operations. In addition we take into considerations different asset types associated to the mining industry, such as mineral reserves, plant & equipment, structures & buildings etc. We generate a fair and objective valuation, valid for the various purposes including financial reporting, secured lending, decision making etc. The finished product is delivered as a comprehensive written report.


Our team's expertise extends to legal advising clients in a range of businesses from mining (non-ferrous and precious metals, coal and other minerals) to reprocessing (smelting, refining) and trading.

Our aim is to find best legal solutions for investors in complex regulatory regimes through consulting clients about mining jurisdiction across the geography covered by Colliers Georgia, Civil and commercial litigation and arbitration, Administrative litigation, Representing companies interests in government institutions.


MMS is a natural resources consulting service and covers a wide range of services related to the exploitation of natural resources and environmental issues, MMS simplifies business processes and offers investment-attractive-commercially viable options and recommendations allowing companies to do business responsibly - based on the preliminary environmental and social risk analysis.

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Green Consulting

Environment Safety Consulting service includes environment safety related research, assessment and the components of regulatory compliance audit. Business entities can plan and design projects based on the specialized environment safety researches, they can use systemic approaches both at the construction and operational stages.

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Due Dilligence


Technical and environmental due dilligence

Research and technical guidance

Mine audit

Research and technical guidance

Financial analysis

Deposits for Sale


Procure a privately owned mineral deposit in a simplified manner - without participating in auction procedures. Avoid bureaucratic state processes and become the owner of a commercially profitable asset in the shortest possible time.


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