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Legal Solutions for Businesses and Individual Needs

Legal Consulting Service aims to represent the interests of clients and protect their rights. The service is provided by experts of law for the success of customers' business from Civil law to Administrative legal disputes.
For us, the main principle of cooperation is strict protection of confidentiality and business ethics, which is vital element for modern business today.



  • dblue_Buyside Advisory copy 10 Building and Construction Law
  • dblue_CS_Corporate Solutions Business Law
  • dblue_Employees Corporate Law
  • dblue_Revenue 2 Tax Law
  • dblue_CS_Securities Due Diligence
  • dblue_Document Contract Law
  • dblue_Office Buildings Real Estate Law
  • dblue_Planning Administrative Law
  • dblue_SS_Geotech Engineering Natural Resources Law Services
  • dblue_CS_Property Management Commodity Law
  • dblue_Experienced Team Labour Law
  • dblue_Corporate Finance Banking Law
  • dblue_CS_Insurance Insurance Law
  • dblue_Environmental Environmental Law
  • dblue_Reception Family Law
  • dblue_Assets Inheritance Law
  • dblue_Government Building Enforcement Law
  • dblue_SS_Auctions Representation in Court

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