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Development Potential Brief Study | New Service from Colliers


Colliers Georgia Research and Publications team offers a new, bespoke consultancy and advisory service - Development Potential Brief Study. 

Before starting a business, a development potential brief study enables the client to estimate the idea and relevant financial resources that are needed to ensure the successful launching of the project. 

Real estate development potential brief study includes analyzing existing and future context of the location, assessing demand-supply tendencies on relevant real estate markets, proposing high-level development program – functional mix, projecting revenues and capital expenses. The delivery period of the study covers on average 2 business weeks.  

The study consists of the following steps:

  • Analysis of location context

  • Review of relevant real estate sectors

  • Proposing functional mix

  • High-level financial projections

  • Recommendations and Conclusions

Find out more on the service page.