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Maia Zavrashvili | Colliers | Tbilisi

Maia Zavrashvili

Director | Colliers Mining & Minerals Solutions

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Professional Summary

I am Senior Lawyer with over 14 years of experience interacting with key government ministries, private sector counterparts and legal entities in Georgia. I have participated in complex processes of reform design and implementation in different fields, involving various stakeholders, different technical assistance programs and negotiations/cooperation on the international level. I prepared strategic documents for the sectoral reform of the Mining, Minerals and Petroleum in Georgia and in Ukraine. I took part in the reform of Civil Service, Forestry, Environmental Governance in Georgia. I facilitated preparation of reform projects in Critical Infrastructure.  Along with my strong technical knowledge of the field, I have strong networks across Georgian Ministries and in the legal sector given the breadth of engagement with various Ministries and officials.


During my leadership at NAM, Government of Georgia launched Mining Sector Development Program. I coordinated and led the project which was successfully completed approved by National Strategy of Mining Sector in 2019. During my leadership at NAM, GOG undertook some important reforms in terms of increasing Geodata transparency, attracting FDI in Mining sector, simplifying, and digitalizing business processes for the national and international companies and stakeholders.

Implemented Activities:

  • Leadership on Mining Sector Reform supported by EBRD (Development of Mining Sector Strategy)
  • Development of Risk Management Assessment supported by UNDP
  • Development of Operational Plan Requirements supported by USAID
  • Conducted Business Perception Survey supported by USAID – G4G
  •  Mine Closure and Economic Regeneration Study supported by World Ban


Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University  | PhD Student |  present

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University |  Master of Law | 2009

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University | bachelor’s in law|  2007

UNESCO-IHE Water Institute, DELFT, Netherlands | Master’s Program Certified Course | 2014


Teck Recourses, Goldcept, Zodi Group LLC, Oxy Enterprises LLC, MCB LLC

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