The Colliers Education Advisory & Valuation Services team is solely focused on education related business (OpCo) and real estate (PropCo), from preschool, primary and secondary schools, tertiary (higher) education, vocational and special education related advisory from complex business advisory to real estate related advisory. Our professional team is attuned to the ever evolving developments in the education industry and dedicated to resolving the increasingly complex business and real estate needs of investors, owners, operators, landlords, tenants and developers in the education industry in the MENA region. Our group has the expertise and knowledge essential to providing forward-thinking solutions to any challenging education related decision where success is measured in high quality care delivered in a cost effective way.

We provide strategic advice on new education concepts, expansion strategies, market and financial feasibility studies, master planning, branding, space planning, operational performance benchmarking, business plan creation, development and operational cash flows, introduction of debt, equity and experienced operators to projects, appraisals and land, property  and business valuations, PropCo / OpCo models and negotiation, management agreements and operative training and leasing and sales to property & asset management.

We accelerate clients’ success by demonstrating a deep understanding of factors which underpin profitable education business, utilizing local market knowledge and leveraging Colliers’ worldwide presence and platform for services to bring a truly global understanding to the issues facing the education industry today.

Whether you are operating, leasing, purchasing, selling, investing or developing education real estate, our experienced professionals will work collaboratively with you to identify market opportunities, optimize real estate efficiency, and implement cost-control measures that ensure the best possible outcome for your unique challenges.

Education in the MENA Region

One words epitomizes today’s education marketplace – Value for Money.

The MENA region is categorised by two very diversified groups in terms of income and population. On one hand we have the Arabian Gulf (GCC) countries, which have some of the highest per capita levels in the world on small population bases (except Oman and Bahrain). Conversely, there are the other Arab countries, some of which have undergone recent regime change, with large population bases, low GDP per capita and significant sections of the population living below the poverty line. 

The GCC countries, due high income levels spend a large amount on public education system, as well as, as a result of high per capita income and large expatriate population base there is great demand for private educational institutions and demand for numerous syllabuses and schools in the region. To capitalise on this demand some of top K12 British Schools and higher education intuitions from the USA, UK and France has opened their satellite campuses in the GCC.  

Whereas in other Arab countries which have large native population base but as a large number of population lies in the mid-to-low income categories, majority of the population is not able to go to private institutions and relay on public education system which is in most of the cases under funded resulting is low quality of education.

Arab Human Development report highlights that Arab families have always put great value on educating their children to the highest possible level in an attempt to raise their social status. Families have often been prepared to bear the high costs of education even if this severely strained their resources. This is evident when one considers the rising trend towards private tuition and private schooling in the region. 

Over the years the education systems have improved across the region however the education sector still continues to offer significant opportunities for investors/operators due to number of factors including.

  • High population growth rate: The MENA region has one of the highest population growth rates in the world, second only to sub-Saharan Africa. The population has increased from around 100 million in 1950 to 500 million in 2010. Current projections anticipate the population to further increase to 800 million by 2050, exceeding the population of Europe by 2050. 
  • Young population profile: The majority of the population in most of the MENA region countries falls between Generation X (1965 – 1980), Generation Y (1981 – 2000) and Generation Z (2001 – present); with approximately 33% under the age of 15 and 21% between the ages of 15 and 24 years, which translates into a wide base of young parents and school going population.
  • The expatriate factor in the GCC: The presence of a large number of expatriates in the GCC which is approximately 50% of the GCC population, results in demand for numerous syllabuses and schools in the region, such as British, American, Indian etc.
  • The establishment of educational hubs in the region: The emergence of ‘satellite campuses’ by global players in the region, such as; Dubai Knowledge City, New York University, Paris-Sorbonne University in the UAE and Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Texas A&M University, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, to name a few.
  • High returns on education sector investments: Similar to healthcare, efficient private schools can make around 15% to 20% net profit margins once a school is stabilised, thus encouraging both investors and operators to invest in education sector in the MENA region
  • Supply of education facilities struggles to keep pace with the burgeoning population: A situation recognised by the government that has introduced a number of initiatives in the recent past to encourage the private sector to match the shortfall and benefit from this potentially lucrative sector.

Education Advisory & Valuation Services include

  • Strategic & Business Planning
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Space Planning
  • Market & Competitive Studies
  • Catchment Area Analysis
  • Market & Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Financial and Business Modelling
  • Market & Commercial Due Diligence
  • Land, Property & Business Valuation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Assistance
  • Buy Side Advisory / Sell Side Advisory
  • Sale & Lease Back Advisory
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) & Privatisation
  • Operator Search & Selection and Contract Negotiation
  • Site Selection & Land / Property Acquisition
  • Asset & Performance Management
  • Performance Management & Industry Benchmark Surveys

Conducted Studies for the Following

  • Nurseries
  • Kindergarten
  • Schools (Primary and Secondary)
    • British Curriculum
    • American Curriculum
    • French Curriculum
    • Indian Curriculum
    • German Curriculum
  • Nursing College
  • Medical College
  • Business College
  • Science and Art Universities

Why Colliers International?

Colliers International is committed to accelerating the success of our education clients by demonstrating a deep understanding of factors which underpin profitable education businesses. Focused solely on education industry, Colliers Education advisors have the expertise and knowledge essential to providing forward thinking solutions to any challenging education related operational and/or real estate decision where success is measured in high-quality care delivered in a cost effective way.
Utilizing local market knowledge and leveraging Colliers’ worldwide presence and platform of services, our professionals bring a true understanding to the issues facing the education industry today. At Colliers, we believe we must first understand our clients’ key challenges, operations, and culture to support your needs.

Colliers Education Team in the MENA Region

Colliers Education Advisory & Valuation Services is a dedicated, nationwide team of education real estate services specialists who truly understand the unique challenges of this industry. Colliers trusted advisors have a big picture perspective, putting in-depth knowledge of industry trends, policies and players to work for you.

We have specialized teams covering the major markets in the MENA region to assist our clients in facilitating a market-relevant approach to achieving high returns on investment and enhanced cost per share. Through the Education Advisory & Valuation team, we align our clients’ real estate portfolios and assets with their core business goals and measures of success, objectives, campus and work culture, demographic and human resource needs. The result is knowledge-based decisions that are financially sound and defensible real estate strategies that center on a school’s history, vision and mission.

The Colliers MENA Education team has in-depth experience in the international education market also having worked with some of top international schools, such as, the Brighton College School, Repton School, Kent College School Canterbury, Sedbergh School to name few. We understanding market dynamics, location and design criteria and the vital importance of quality. Our strengths include our unrivalled network of operator contacts and our ability to assess sustainable profitability of education businesses, by reference to both local and international operational benchmarks. Led by Mansoor Ahmed, the Education team are focused on providing bespoke solutions to education businesses. We are exclusively focused on the education market and the breadth of experience of the team is unrivalled covering, operational, real estate, consultancy and corporate finance related advisory work.

The team has excellent relationships with regional and international education operators and debt and equity providers in the region. Our team works alongside experienced architects, planners and operators to ensure optimal results are delivered on time to ensure client satisfaction. We have been involved with a number of high profile projects over the last three years, delivering creative and innovative solutions in various locations to include; Bahrain, Ecuador, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Medina, Damman, Al Khobar and Najran), Kurdistan, Qatar, Sudan, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah and Northern Emirates) and Zanzibar.