35 retail spaces had to be opened in just six months to ensure Millennium Bank’s expansion in Romania had an adequate retail network. Our team in Romania successfully handled this multiple-property requirement which included office space for their headquarters, retail spaces and residential units for the management team.

Positioned as one of the most important players in the banking sector, Millennium had sophisticated real estate needs and they chose Colliers based on our ability to provide integrated services and in depth expertise in the Romanian real estate market. As a result of taking a long term approach to providing our clients with real estate solutions that meet their business needs, we began by providing Millennium with a temporary solution in the form of 3,000 square metres of office space, located in a quality building in Bucharest’s CBD. The bank’s headquarters were established in Buzesti, also in the CBD, the first retail unit was opened in the same area.

The solution we offered was strategic in terms of understanding the client’s needs:
• To create a powerful image and;
• To ensure rapid development.

The team succeeded in finding Millennium a final solution, consolidating all operations in the City Gate building.

Due to the long-term approach taken, we were able to negotiate good financial terms for Millennium and the flexibility to extend the leasing contract for an extra floor based on their growth strategy, one year before the actual relocation.