Colliers International is pleased to inform you that Colliers International has been declared ‘Winner’ of ‘Best Financial Advisor’ in the Middle East and Africa by the World Finance in their 2013 Public Private Partnership (PPP) Awards for Middle East and Africa.

The World Finance Award to Colliers is based on their interdisciplinary approach to financial advisory in PPP specifically in relation to Healthcare and Education Projects, including: valuation, operator selection and contract negotiation, due diligence, feasibility studies, strategic planning and risk management.

The initial appraisal considered three key criteria in appraising each candidate.  The first involved innovation, creativity and design. The second involved effectiveness and the project-teams impact upon enabling value.  The third criterion was replicability and the potential for the framework of knowledge, innovations and benchmarks to be transposed elsewhere.

Colliers featured in the 2013 awards alongside fellow global companies including;  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, IFC, Goldman Sachs, Macquarie and MENA Infrastructure Fund amongst others.

Mansoor Ahmed, Director for MENA region for Healthcare, Education and Public Private Partnership (PPP) highlighted that they were delighted to receive the “Best Financial Advisor” award as it is an independent testimony to the quality of service provided by Colliers to its Clients who voted for Colliers. He highlighted that Colliers overall interdisciplinary approach is to act as Strategic Advisor and a Partner to their Clients through the number of regionally based specialist teams that include; Healthcare, Education, PPP, Development Solutions, Masterplanning, Retail, Corporate Solutions, Hospitality/Tourism, Property Management and Valuations. Further he highlighted that this Award brings greater responsibility as an industry leader not only to maintain this position but to continue to improve service levels.

The main services provided by Colliers International Healthcare, Education and PPP includes the followings:

•    Strategic & Business Planning
•    Market & Financial Feasibility Studies
•    Market & Commercial Due Diligence
•    Market, Financial & Operational Benchmarking
•    Mergers & Acquisitions Assistance
•    Public Private Partnership (PPP) & Privatisation
•    Operator Selection & Contract Negotiation
•    Land, Property and Business Valuation
•    Asset & Performance Management
•    Site Selection & Land / Property Acquisition

Colliers has offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh and Cairo and from these offices we serve the MENA Region. We also work in Asia with our Hong Kong and Indian offices.