Mohamed Ali, an employee in Colliers International’s Investment Property Management team will be following in the footsteps of his namesake to enter the boxing ring in a white collar event, taking place in Pryzm nightclub, Birmingham, on Friday 24 November to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Mohamed, who has been boxing on-and-off for the past six months, mainly to stay fit, was approached a few months ago by a trainer in the gym who wanted to know if he’d ever thought about fighting in front of a crowd.

“The idea of doing a nine-week boxing camp and then having to fight in front of a crowd up to 400 people sounded challenging to say the least, yet rewarding. I thought I can use this as an opportunity to not only get fitter and stronger, but also to raise some money for charity along the way”, said Ali.

“The training for the fight involves a lot of heavy bag workouts, HIIT circuit training and lots of running! I also have a session once a week with one of the trainers to work on movement, pad work and defence. I can only hope that all this training helps me to ‘float like a butterfly and sting like a bee’ when I enter the ring on the 24th November”, he concluded.

The event has been organised by Henrietta Street Gym, and the fight will mark their 10- year anniversary of holding white collar boxing events.