John Webber, Head of Rating, Colliers International:

“Those places collecting the largest amount of business rates are getting the greatest relief. But, in the grand scheme of rates income, this is peanuts. The ten London boroughs receiving the greatest relief will get on average £2.1m relief per year. Given that London business rates are set to increase by £616m in the next few weeks, firms will be forgiven for not getting too carried away. On the other hand, the combined boroughs in the North East will have to share a total of £7.9 million over four years.

“There is clearly no doubt that Spreadsheet Phil’s main focus is in the South all the while firms in depressed areas of the country are not getting their decreases quick enough. A problem created for business by Government."

Least to greatest relief by region:

North East

Yorkshire & The Humber

East Midlands

West Midlands

South West

North West

East of England

South East