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Rochdale Town Hall

Colliers Destination Consulting, in partnership with BDP, have succeeded in their bid (through competitive tender) to undertake a feasibility study looking at potential re-uses for Rochdale Town Hall. The grade I listed Town Hall which dates from the 1800’s, well known locally for its striking gothic style, is a  beautiful heritage asset and one of a kind both within the North West and even within the UK.

The Town Hall currently houses a number of council departments, registry services and hosts a number of events and functions. However, with the new purpose built development No.1 Riverside about to become fully functional and to house the council offices, new uses must be found for the leftover space within the Town Hall.

Colliers have already begun market analyses and visioning for the project whilst BDP have begun an assessment of the building to determine what is possible architecturally and spatially. There has been a great deal of interest in the project. Expectations are that if done sympathetically, the new uses chosen for the Town Hall could produce a major step change within the Town centre. One of the main aims being to increase public access and interest in the building as well to make recommendations to help the town hall to be financially sustainable so that future generations will be able to use and enjoy it.

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