By doing so, we're not just 'doing the right thing'; we're also making sure our business is more responsive and our people more confident in how they learn and respond to change.

We first introduced a formal corporate responsibility policy in 2004, to communicate the steps we were taking to ensure our business was conducted in a responsible way. Since then, we've introduced a programme of initiatives that help us to track and improve our performance in a number of key areas. You can find more information on these individual topics by clicking on the links.

To ensure the programme's continued development and success, we have formed a dedicated working party, made up of a cross-section of our senior managers, which meets regularly to assess and co-ordinate corporate responsibility activities across our organisation.

We are pleased to bring your attention to our latest Corporate Responsibility Newsletter in which we include a selection of our achievements from 2018. This includes details of our measured success in reducing our carbon footprint and a list of our Certifications.

You can now view our Modern Slavery statement here.