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Building Development Consultancy

The ultimate aim of the Building Development Consultancy is to create a market position for the building that will minimize the project’s vacancy risk while maximizing returns. To achieve this we will provide the client and its technical teams with an insight into the requirements and expectations of targeted end users. Our consultants will further monitor the progress of the development and regularly provide information to the project teams on the changes that the market experiences.

Building Development Consultancy includes the following topics:

Usage and Strategy

  • Evaluation of concept plans.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Determination of new functions which will help project to differentiate from its competitors. (If a new function will be proposed)
  • Examples and analysis of some successful office buildings from Turkey and Europe.

Floor Areas

  • Floor height
  • Floor size
  • Rentable area calculation
  • Floor divisibility and alternative solutions
  • Floor area design criteria
  • Common area usage


Parking and Access

  • Parking requirements per office area
  • Total parking capacity
  • Summary of the competitor buildings’ parking offerings. (Capacity, quality, entrance-exit, pricing)*


Mechanic Infrastructure

  • Climatization-Ventilation-Mechanic installation (HVAC)
  • Elevator types and capacities
  • Fire systems



  • Transformer
  • Generator
  • Lighting
  • UPS


Technologic Infrastructure

  • Telecom
  • IT
  • Security System



  • Building management and staff offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Fitness Area
  • Cafeteria



  • Cost and Space Evaluation
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Requirement
  • Cost and Space Evaluation
  • Social Areas


Delivery Terms

  • Shell & Core
  • Decorated


Sustainable and Green Building Analysis

  • Requirements and scope of a sustainable office building
  • Evaluation in terms of usage and operation
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Sustainable Environment
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