Taiwan, 1 January 2018 – 

Last year, global GDP growth was the highest in nearly seven years since 2010, with significant growth in major Asian economies including China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. In addition, the Indian economy started to recover, giving it the opportunity to further boost its property investment in Asia and Business-run leasing needs.

According to the "2018 Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook" recently released by Colliers International Research Department, it is expected that this year, with continued strong economic growth and relatively low real interest rates, it is expected that real estate in Asia will still maintain a considerable amount of investment. However, The overall rate of return may have a downward trend, resulting in a decline in the rate of return not because of insufficient investment demand or shortage of funds. Rather, the market lacks a high-quality investment target.

However, given the upward momentum in economic growth and the increasing demand for commercial leasing, we estimate that commercial rental performance in first-tier cities in Asia is expected to be flat or upward this year. Rents for the top commercial banks in Hong Kong and Singapore, in particular, are expected to continue to grow mainly due to the financial benefits , Technology and other industry leasing demand driven by.

In particular, science and technology industries are setting off a wave of talent scramble to attract young potential talents to join, are actively in the front-line business district or the surrounding layout, especially the network and IT talent pool area, followed by real hardware professional Talent. Therefore, the flexible office space sharing office will become the new mode of commercial rental mode, especially in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and other major commercial districts have set off a wave, as India, Jakarta, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand and other shared office Demand has also seen significant growth.

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