The real estate and hotel businesses are cyclical, require extensive capital and take years to generate returns. A capital structure that does not suit a company’s future cash flows leads to increased costs and unnecessary financial burden. The right capital structure is the only way to create value and generate returns in the long term.

With this in mind, our financing and financial restructuring advisory services provide a unique and specialised approach:


We design the optimal capital structure depending on the terms of financing, risks, liquidity and value of each part of the business.


We structure specific financing deals for every project, adapting to the requirements and policies of major financial institutions, in order to obtain the most advantageous, flexible and cheapest financing.

Our strong reputation with financial entities and investors is a key factor in the success of financing or financial restructuring processes.

We successfully complete projects that involve obtaining new financing and refinancing, optimisation of financing terms and conditions, and restructuring of debt tranches and mezzanine debt, for both real estate and individual hotel projects, as well as for corporate debt.