Beyonics Building
30 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 8
A six-storey factory

Gross floor area:216,190 sq ft

Sold for: S$39 million


Corporation Place
2 Corporation Road
A seven-storey multi-tenanted hi-specs industrial building with a basement car park

Net lettable area: 620,990 sq ft

Sold for: S$99 million


5 & 7 Gul Street 1
A four-storey industrial building with an ancillary office

Net lettable area:97,000 sq ft

Sold for: S$14.5 million


7000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
A seven-storey production block with a five-storey office block 

Gross floor area: 1,070,652 sq ft

Sold for: S$91.5 million


6 Changi North Way
A two-storey ramp-up warehouse with a mezzanine office

Gross floor area: 177,000 sq ft

Sold for: S$30.9 million


4 Penjuru Lane
A single-storey warehouse approved for chemical and dangerous goods storage with a two-storey office annex

Gross floor area: 55,000 sq ft

Sold for: S$8.9 million


29 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 
A four-storey high-tech industrial building

Net lettable area: 390,130 sq ft

Sold for: S$72 million


36 Loyang Drive 
A two-storey industrial warehouse

Net lettable area: 87,005 sq ft

Sold for: S$13.8 million


51 Benoi Road
A purpose-built light industrial development

Net lettable area: 391,071 sq ft

Sold for: S$55 million


73 Tuas South Avenue 1
A four-storey single-user warehouse with ancillary office

Gross floor area: 118,404 sq ft

Sold for: S$18.3 million


22 Chin Bee Drive
A development comprising a two-storey warehousing facility with a mezzanine office, a six-storey ancillary office and a five-storey annex with a workers' dormitory

Net lettable area: 101,195 sq ft each

Sold for: S$15 million


29 Tai Seng Avenue
A seven-storey distribution and service centre with ancillary services

Gross floor area: 212,213 sq ft

Sold for: S$53 million


10 & 12 Ang Mo Kio Street 64
A four-storey high-tech facility with an ancillary office and a seven-storey high-tech facility with an ancillary office and a basement car park

Net lettable area: 378,424 sq ft

Sold for: S$25.2 million


C&P Changi Districentre
5 Changi South Lane
A six-storey ramp-up building with five storeys of warehouse and mezzanine office and office space on the sixth level

Gross floor area: 364,278 sq ft

Sold for: S$82 million


C&P Changi Districentre 2
3 Changi South Street 3
A logistics facility comprising a three-storey warehouse and a four-storey ancillary office building

Gross floor area: 101,945 sq ft

Sold for: S$17.7 million


CWT Commodity Hub
24 Penjuru Road
A multi-storey ramp-up logistics facility comprising a five-storey warehouse with mezzanine office and a separate office block and a container yard

Gross floor area: 2,295,994 sq ft

Sold for: S$323 million


CWT Cold Hub
2 Fishery Port Road
A ramp-up cold storage logistics facility

Gross floor area: 341,944 sq ft

Sold for: S$122 million

Schenker Megahub
51 Alps Avenue
A ramp-up logistics facility 

Gross floor area: 439,956 sq ft

Sold for: S$99 million


Hi-Speed Logistics Centre
40 Alps Avenue
A ramp-up logistics facility

Gross floor area: 308,626 sq ft

Sold for: S$69.5 million


30/32 Tuas West Road
30 Tuas West Road is a single-user factory with an office building, while 32 Tuas West Road is a factory comprising warehouse, production and office areas on the first storey, and production and ancillary office areas on the upper storey

Net lettable area: 143,796 sq ft

Sold for: S$21.8million


3 Toh Tuck Link
A part-three-part-four-part-five-storey warehouse and office complex

Net lettable area: 130,632 sq ft

Sold for: S$26.8 million


23 Tai Seng Drive
A six-storey light industrial building

Net lettable area: 91,042 sq ft

Sold for: S$20.1 million