Congratulations to our socially-savvy colleagues in Vietnam for their consistent and outstanding efforts earning them the GRAND PRIZE with a class-leading average of 67 SSI points!

The race for 2nd and 3rd was a dramatic pursuit, with the two teams within 1.6 points of each other at the finish line – well done to both Asia Corporate Team for 2nd place and Team Myanmar for 3rd place – with SSI scores of 50.8 and 49.2 respectively.

Special congratulations must go to our Rising Star recipient – Team Beijing – for their incredible 128% growth in average SSI since the race started in August. This is an outstanding result, showing office-wide engagement with the platform from North China. 

The closing stage of the LinkedIn All Stars Race was thrilling, as offices raced to the finish line, and closing with our revenue-drivers making up 85% of individual top podium winners across all participating offices. We are definitely on our way to social selling as a core part of our lead and fee generation initiatives! 

To ensure that we continue that momentum, there are on-going plans to keep our staff fresh with more social media training from our experts at LinkedIn and further Colliers initiatives to be announced in the New Year.

Finally, as a wrap up of the LinkedIn All Stars Race, Asia Marketing & Communications will soon release a post-campaign report detailing key stats of what we as a region have achieved over the past 3 months since this competition got the green light. Stay tuned and thank you all for taking part in the race!