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Colliers International is pleased to invite you to take part in the LinkedIn All Stars Race, taking place across all of our Asia offices from 25 August – 10 November 2016.

This competition has been set up to:
- improve your professional standing in the industry
- develop your profile as a Colliers International professional
- improve the quality of Colliers profiles overall to our clients and peers
- and ultimately help you win more business

The best “social selling” LinkedIn performers will also win a prize! 

For information on how this simple competition works, what “social selling” means and how you can win, please carry on reading.


The core objective of this competition is to stimulate and broaden the adoption level of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is identified as the priority regional social media channel for professional networking. 

All of our key personnel should possess a professionally filled-out profile and be able to use LinkedIn to build relationships with existing clients, engage with industry insights and find new leads and connections. This is the core of “social selling”.

Through the competition, we aim to increase internal awareness and adoption of LinkedIn and an increase in Online Individual Profiles of Colliers professionals on the internet, Colliers brand awareness and instil a culture of social selling. 

According to the “State of B2B Procurement” study from the Acquity Group, 94 percent of business buyers do some form of online research before the buying decision.

This means that if Colliers wants to generate leads online, we should focus on making our online profiles more prominent as a first step for our clients to be acquainted with us. Once this has been established, being seen as a regular content contributor on online channels such as social media and websites will be the next natural progression.

In terms of which social media channel to embrace in our world of services marketing, LinkedIn is the undisputed top channel. Surveys indicate that 80 percent of B2B leads were through LinkedIn*

Through LinkedIn’s personal profiles, discussion groups, and advertising platform, you can directly reach the decision makers who are most likely to be interested in your company’s products or services. To make the most of this channel, you need to first ensure your LinkedIn profile is correctly completed as a filled-out profile ranks much higher in search engines therefore increasing your chances of being featured in Page 1 of search engines. Further, a professionally written LinkedIn profile can help to create a good first impression when clients look you up on the internet.

*Oktopost released a very insightful infographic illustrating the results from the analysis of 100,000+ posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. (Oktopost is a social media marketing platform)


1.1 Participation

The competition is open to all staff in the Colliers International Asia region only and is not open to clients or external parties. This competition will kick-off at 9am, 25 August 2016 and will close at 6pm, 10 November 2016. All final submissions must be received by the official closing date and time.

1.2 Category

The LinkedIn All Stars Race comes in two (2) categories as below :

Individual (Office Level)
- Designed for individual staff participation at a local office level 
- All senior manager and above graded individuals are required to participate by default
- Leaderboard will display top and bottom 5 scorers

Office (Regional Level)
- Measures the performance between offices
- All offices with a minimum of 10 participants will automatically qualify
- Leaderboard will display all participating offices in descending order

1.3 Judging Criteria

This competition will use the LinkedIn's Social Selling Index (SSI) to define who is the winner within your office and Asia region.   LinkedIn SSI is a measure that ranks a company or individual's utilisation of LinkedIn as a social selling tool.  Click here to read more information about the LinkedIn SSI.  

Individual (Office Level)
- The individual who scores the highest LinkedIn SSI within his/her office will win

Office (Regional Level)
- The top 3 offices that score the highest average LinkedIn SSI will win.  The average score is the sum of all SSIs divided by the number of participants within the same office

- The office with the most improved average SSI score will win our 'Rising Star' award

Note : A minimum of two checkpoints must be completed in order to qualify for the final win for both categories

1.4 Submission

Each participant will be required to submit a screen capture of his/her LinkedIn SSI score (JPEG, PDF, Bitmap, PNG) to their local marketing representative per below checkpoints :

- 25 August (screen capture required as proof of score starting point. All participants must submit their starting score on this date to qualify)
- 22 September
- 10 November 

Only desktop screenshots will be accepted as the entire SSI score page is required. Please refer to the sample screenshot below.



The LinkedIn All Stars Race will award different category winners with accordance to the guideline below. The total cash giveaway is USD8,000 and will also include other attractive rewards such as a personal endorsement from LinkedIn.


*50% of the winnings are required to be allocated back to local digital marketing related initiatives  

**By participating and accepting a prize, you agree to participate in and co-operate as required with all reasonable marketing activities relating to the prize and promotion of your efforts in this initiative including but not limited to being featured in case studies, internal communications, and photographed. We reserve the right to use your comments, image and name for any advertising and publicity purposes in any media in perpetuity without compensation.