Why did you decide to apply for the All-Star Graduates programme at Colliers? What were some of your expectations pertaining to the role?

For me, I did not want to plunge right into a specific job function straight after graduation. The All-Star Graduate Programme at Colliers was perfect for me as it allowed me to have a sneak-peak into all the different departments to find out where my strengths and interests are before I decide.

My expectations were that I would be exposed to all aspects of the real estate industry and I will be able to learn from the best industry leaders in the market. It would also serve as a platform for me to utilise whatever knowledge I have learnt throughout my four years of tertiary education.

Which aspect(s) of the job do you enjoy the most and why? 

One aspect of the job that I enjoy the most is Consulting. Consulting is fast-paced, dynamic and multi-dimensional. During my stint in Consulting, I saw the many aspects of real estate coming together and gelling as one. For one of the projects that I was tasked to assist with, I had to utilise a wide array of data ranging from property valuation, historic transacted prices, market forecast as well as other non-real estate information. Although it can be challenging piecing all these different pieces together, it gives me a great sense of fulfilment after seeing the finalised product and the client satisfied. 

Tell us about what you've learnt from working here so far?

One key learning point that I have garnered from working in Colliers is to be open to new ideas and resolve differences with colleagues in a peaceful and professional manner. Everyone will have their own individual approach on tackling an issue. What is important to note is there might be more than one solution to the problem. One should not be fixated that his or her idea is the best or sole solution.

There was one incident whereby the team had differing opinions. We then sat down and explained our rationale behind our solutions. Eventually, the team formulated an approach combining aspects of the different schools of thought. This would never be possible if the team was not flexible and open to new ideas.

In what way does working here complement or enhance what you have learned in school?

The education I acquired at school was important and essential in allowing one to have the basic skills and expertise to commence work. Working in Colliers has allowed me to utilise and tap on the knowledge I have learnt in school and apply it in the corporate world. 

On top of that, Colliers has broadened my perspective to a more global one. For example, Singapore was used as the context for majority of the modules taught in school. Being an MNC, Colliers has projects from all around the globe and I was tasked to produce a report for overseas properties. Although the principles and fundamentals remain the same, appropriate adjustments must be made to fit the context. To do so effectively, I am required do my due diligence by reading up on the policies, rules and regulations for the subject country.

What are your career goals and how do you think Colliers can help you achieve them?

In the short term, I hope to uncover my true calling and be working in a department that plays to my expertise. Eventually, I would want to develop my skill sets and take on expanded team leadership responsibilities in the future. I believe I can prepare myself for this goal by taking charge of projects assigned. 

Colliers has provided me with this fantastic opportunity to discover my calling by rotating through the various departments. I am also grateful for my supervisors who were willing to allow me, a fresh graduate, to lead projects. It really shows that Colliers is willing to nurture and groom me as a leader.