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Explore Colliers REview to learn more about real estate and the property market. Both our guest and in-house bloggers are industry experts with many years of experience, and have come together to share their perspective and thought pieces on various issues relating to the real estate industry, as well as topics that are of general interest to end users and information seekers.

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Does coworking work for you?

As businesses seek alternative solutions to augment traditional office space, they have started to look at flexible workspace centres in earnest. However, before occupiers plunge headlong into coworking spaces, they should assess if the flexible office option suits their business and operational requirements.

Expert Spotlight: Tricia Song, Head of Research for Singapore

Tricia believes Research is a business-enabler, providing incisive reports on market trends and performance to help corporate leaders make informed decisions. In a fast-evolving real estate industry, Research plays an important role, not just in offering comprehensive and relevant data sets but also a deeper analysis of the issues or trends.

What makes a great residential neighbourhood?

It has been said, in real estate it is about ‘location, location, location’. That is true to a large extend but the devil is in the details. What is it about a site’s location that makes it truly appealing to developers and homebuyers?

Airbnb – Friend or foe?

Airbnb is an online community marketplace that bridges people looking to rent out their homes with people seeking accommodation. Airbnb started off in 2008 primarily as a couch-surfing site for people to make some extra cash renting out a spare room and over the years, it has transformed and grown its appeal from budget-minded tourists to savvy business travellers. So, what has been the impact on hotel performance?

Creating destinations: The heart is where the experience is

A destination is a place that is worth leaving the home for - a call to adventure, a promise of unique experiences, evoking fond memories. In a highly competitive global marketplace, having an effective placemaking and destination branding strategy is the difference between “been there done that” and “let’s go again”.

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