Colliers International recognizes the social, economic an environmental imperative for our society to rapidly progress to environmental sustainability and the important role that property and property service providers must play in this transition.  

We directly enable environmental performance by addressing our own operations and through the management of buildings and indirectly by influencing clients and other stakeholders through the transactions, consultancy, advocacy and education we provide.  

We actively seek to provide leadership on environmental sustainability in the Asia property industry and address it in a way that generates sustained economic and social value for the industry’s stakeholders.


Colliers International commits to: 




  • Ensuring that our people have the knowledge of sustainable building practices necessary to effectively communicate requirements, identify opportunities and implement initiatives related to the built environment.
  • Accelerating the adoption sustainable building practices by identifying and quantifying the links between sustainability and value for property owners and occupiers.



  • Improving the environmental performance of the assets under our management.
  • Identifying and communicating sustainability requirements and opportunities in the transaction and consultancy services we provide.
  • Minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations, particularly in the areas of transportation, waste and paper use.
  • Continually improving our environmental performance through the annual review of our environmental impact and this policy.
  • Upholding the integrity of green building rating systems.
  • Complying with all statutory requirements.



  • Providing leadership in environmental sustainability in the real estate industry.
  • Actively supporting relevant government and industry bodies, programs and initiatives.