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Retail Strategy & Analytics

Data Driven Retail Strategies & Insights


Drawing on proprietary and sourced data, we deliver insights, analytics and strategic recommendations to help you manage, grow and optimise your property portfolio. Working with landlords, investors, occupiers, local authorities, and BIDs, we combine data and deep retail expertise to help clients understand consumer demand and supply and identify profitable strategic growth options. We go beyond traditional location planning and understanding just store sales to analyse the role and purpose of bricks and mortar space, enabling strategic decisions to be informed by understand the true value and impact of physical space on overall performance. 

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Our Services

Unrivalled Retail Insights

Providing data-backed insights and business intelligence to drive retail real estate strategies.

In a rapidly changing retail sector, we understand that improving ROI and reducing risk is more important than ever. That's why we provide independent, data-driven strategies and insights to help you stay ahead of the curve and support your future investment decisions. 

Whether you're an investor, developer, local authority, or occupier, our highly experienced retail strategy consultants offer comprehensive solutions that span the entire property life-cycle.

Our Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Location Strategies & Site Selection
  • Retail Strategy & Vision
  • Retail Intelligence & Quick Wins
  • Space Planning & Revenue Forecasting
  • Investment Advisory & Feasibility Studies
  • Portfolio Due Diligence / M&A

For further information, view one of our service tabs or please contact one of our experts.

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Maximising Investment Opportunities

Building data-led strategies that boosts the bottom line. 

Even though many top locations stand out for their long-term consistency, all retail commercial locations are subject to constant evolution. Changes could be triggered by anything from a change of tenant, property developments or urban development initiatives. 

With our commercial real estate know-how, leveraging our unique combination of proprietary location insight tools and our network of data partners, we design and deliver valuable analytics tailored to answering strategic challenges, optimally configuring spaces, significantly reducing risk and ultimately enhancing the yield and value of your portfolio. 

To date, we have helped landlords, investors, and local authorities keep ahead of the curve and drive performance across 150+ assets and commercial venues. 

Our services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Sales and Rental Modelling
  • Catchment and Customer Analytics
  • Development and Asset Management Strategy
 To see how you can explore the true potential of your asset or venue, contact us.

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Objective, data-led location strategy and insights

We go beyond market data to offer unmatched retail expertise that deliver truly profitable growth.

In an everchanging environment, retail businesses are on the frontline tackling new challenges and changing demands. With new forms of digital competition, highly informed customers, and unprecedented innovations, foreseeing all the variables is one of the keys to achieving retail success.  

Our data-centric approach derives actionable insights to help you make smarter decisions towards achieving better customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth and profitability. Working across all stages of business maturity - from new market entries and prioritising new store openings, through to identifying reformatting and resizing opportunities and isolating consolidating and disposal candidates - our tailored solutions provide value whilst minimising the risk of customer churn.  

We've worked with over 100+ occupiers around the world, including all retail and brand categories, F&B, leisure, banking and consumer services. 

Our Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer Analytics
  • Location Intelligence / Site Selection / Store Expansion
  • Market Optimisation
  • Store Performance Forecasting
  • White Space Opportunity Analysis
  • Portfolio Due Diligence / M&A
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Helping Unique Communities

Providing tailored retail analytics and insights to unique communities.

Our data driven insights help local authorities and BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) understand and predict consumer behaviour, retail & leisure performance, and location vitality/viability to plan effective future services differently or enable a full-scale transformation when required.

By turning our findings into actionable insights, our support can help local authorities take a leading role in promoting positive visions for their areas, bringing together stakeholders and supporting sustainable economic and employment growth. 

We can support you with a variety of consultancy and insights services including:

  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly footfall tracking, covering visitor volumes, demographic profiles, and behaviours
  • Catchment definition and profiling to understand who visits and where they live
  • Understanding competition from surrounding venues
  • Capacity studies to align retail and leisure provision with consumer demand, covering both space requirements and suggested tenant mix

Contact us to discuss how we can help you support your local community. 


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Case Studies


Location Strategy & Prioritisation

Location strategy and prioritisation for leading multi-format UK F&B operator. Analysed drivers of performance and built robust forecasting model and prioritisation strategy for new store openings by format, based on sales and profit potential.

Portfolio Optimisation

Portfolio-wide asset optimisation for major UK shopping mall owner/operator. Taking a data driven approach to understand and drive asset performance.

Market Intelligence

Weekly footfall reporting for Central London BID. Interactive online dashboards providing granular footfall insights across BID zones to inform performance improvement strategies.

LocateInsights Platform


We work with a wide network of data partners, supplemented with proprietary location intelligence tools from the Colliers' LocateInsights platform to underpin each client project with the best data and insights.


Ranking of commercial venues across the UK, measuring and tracking scale and profile characteristics of the UK's retail and leisure locations. 

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Unique profile & behavioural visitor footfall insights across venues, assets, units, and street segments. GDPR-compliant sample of over 15 million active smartphone users.

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National model of shopping patterns across comparison goods, grocery, bulky goods, and leisure. Defines catchments and consumer spending flows using robust satnav drivetime data.

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Geographic spend model across UK quantifying available spending across product categories (e.g. womenswear, F&B, DIY etc.) and channels (e.g. in-store vs online).

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Occupier profitability model providing insights into operational and occupancy costs. Underpinned by a deep understanding of retailer trading models.

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Assessment of the current health, and future prospects for each UK retail venue. Accounting for current catchment demographics and footfall combined with future looking metrics including population growth, competitive and infrastructure developments.

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Retail News & Insights


Midsummer Retail Report 2022

Through bespoke research and expert comment, we explore how the retail sector has evolved and what property strategies are emerging against a backdrop of radical change.
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London West End Retail Turnover Forecasting

West End turnover projected to reach £8.6 Billion. The new report also projects that the district will recover to its historic annual turnover of £10 billion within the next two years, and will supersede pre-pandemic levels by 14 per cent – or a further £1.4 billion – by 2025. Colliers worked with New West End Company on this bespoke piece of research which received national media coverage.
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World-class insight into trends across the UK Retail sector.
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