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RPI / CPI Rent Review Calculator

Find out your RPI / CPI Rent Review Increase


Many leases include rent reviews which are based on the increase in the Retail Price Index (RPI) or the Consumer Price Index (CPI) with collars (minimum increases) and caps (maximum increases). To simplify these rent reviews, we have developed the calculator below.

Instructions for Use

  1. Read your lease and check the basis of the rent review
  2. Insert Starting Rent (per annum)
  3. Select Collar & Cap if applicable (minimum and maximum increases)
  4. Select Start Month and Year
  5. Select End Month and Year
  6. Select RPI/CPI on the tabs


Please note these rental calculations are indicative only. They assume the rental increases, collars and caps apply annually – which is not the case with some leases. We recommend your lease be reviewed and formal calculations are carried out by a professional in order to establish the RPI / CPI rental. For a free consultation, please contact one of the team listed below.

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