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Proptech Solutions

At Colliers we excel in shaping technologies and creating solutions across the property and commercial real estate industry, which deliver value-enhancing strategies to our clients and better arm our property professionals with game-changing business tools.

Colliers 360 Suite

A user-friendly, flexible and fast platform that deploys powerful solutions for your commercial real estate portfolio. Through our responsive mobile app, we provide in-depth property portfolio analyses that help you sift through the noise, allowing you to access data daily. 

Our business intelligence system is built on a non-proprietary engine, taking a unique approach. Our clients can independently maintain and use the data platform on an ongoing basis. This helps you identify opportunities to make meaningful change.

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Workplace Expert

Crafted to help businesses take the first steps in shaping their future workplace strategy, at a time when the office is being acknowledged as a space with a vital role in connecting and empowering employees to operate at their best in the next evolution of work space experiences. 

Colliers Workplace Expert is a quick and easy-to-use real estate tool, built to help you learn more about the type of work environment your business needs to succeed by exploring the right strategy and office mix tailored to your organisational priorities.
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Office Expert, Industrial Expert and Datacentre Expert

Designed to help you find the perfect property location that meets all requirements, whether that’s an office, an industrial property or a datacentre. The tool guides you through the complex process of choosing your new location based not only on real estate requirements but also on business requirements from start to finish.

Our proptech solution provides you with a transparent standardised process to find the perfect location and sets an objective score for each property based on your weighted requirements. It also includes detailed financial and workplace analysis and leads to the best case property solution for your business.
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Colliers Proptech Accelerator

Discover opportunities at the intersection of technology and the commercial real estate market.

The Colliers Proptech Accelerator Powered by Techstars is an industry-first global program in real estate, combining Techstars’ expertise in tech innovation and building accelerators with Colliers’ enterprising culture, property expertise and wide network of investor and occupier clients.

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