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Customer Experience

Delivering Memorable Moments

 A new benchmark for customer service in real estate


Property management extends beyond the four walls of an asset; community engagement is crucial. That’s why Colliers Property Management created Beyond – a Front of House service led by our in-house Customer Experience team, creating a unique experience, bespoke to your assets. Beyond is inspired by the high standard of customer service that one expects from the hospitality industry, creating a superior concierge service for the workplace.

Beyond takes a unique approach, with the core focus on customer interaction and experience. It is delivered through a programme of training, recruitment, and mentoring, along with building management and community engagement. Beyond puts people at the heart and creates a community. Beyond brings enthusiasm, expertise, and experience, culminating in a bespoke approach to each and every asset. Our goal is simple, we want to create valuable and meaningful experiences for all who interact with your assets, as these experiences are proven to attract and retain occupiers for longer.


How we go beyond

Exceptional Service Delivery


Colliers Property Management team ensures that every touch point for you, your occupiers and their customers is exceptional. Our dedicated Customer Experience team drive service delivery and create an emotional connection with your customers.

Our inclusive approach ensures better communication between all teams involved in the management of the property and our Standard Operating Procedure ensures uniformity and contributes towards service quality assurance.


Reconnecting Communities


Your asset’s community extends beyond its four walls. At Colliers, we are committed to creating a genuine, long-lasting relationships with your local communities. We engage with local suppliers and businesses around your asset to create a positive social impact on the surrounding eco-system. Our Customer Experience management team work in collaboration with onsite teams to design customised content and deliver events including local social media accounts to help build a digital community.


Exceptional In-House Teams


Our hospitality inspired recruitment model allows us to attract the best talent.  

We train, develop and manage all Beyond employees, and find the right fit personal for each space.

Bespoke training programs for onsite teams. Better training = Better people.



Bespoke Experiences


No two buildings are the same. Their occupiers, local communities, and locations create a unique experience at every single asset. That’s why, Colliers believe no one technology is going to create the unique customer experience needed at each different building. The technologies need to be bespoke to the building, their occupiers and their customers. 

Colliers Technology Framework allows us to create smart, seamless environments and deliver a best in class experience at each and every asset. Our tailor made technology solutions enable the onsite team to work more efficiently and focus on meaningful interactions with our clients' customers.


Your Next Step to Beyond


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