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Development Advisory

Development advice for the private and public sectors

Our Development Advisory team have strong market knowledge and ‘real-life’ development experience that will add value to your development projects.


Our team solves property development related problems and aids decision making through research, expertise and analysis. The team’s projects include major mixed-use regeneration projects, tall towers, sprawling housing schemes, dynamic commercial centres and vibrant leisure complexes, bringing together insight from across multiple property specialisms.

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Why choose us?

The Colliers Development Advisory team have extensive experience of development feasibility work, through to master planning, design, planning and the delivery of development across the UK and globally.

We advise on a wide a variety of projects, from the high level and strategic to the detailed and forensic.


Financial viability: Bespoke modelling of your scheme and ‘what if’ scenarios from the earliest stages, which evolve with the project to ensure viable and deliverable schemes.


Market insight: Market research across all property asset classes; and local area insight.


Mix and quantum: Site and location analysis; and recommendations for the mix and size of each use type.


Placemaking: Ideas generation and creating communities where people are at the heart of development.

Advisory Services

The Colliers Development Advisory team provides advice to private and public sector clients across all stages of the development process, from inception to delivery.

We provide tailor made in-depth market reports that incorporate the latest market information and inform the decision-making processes of our clients.

We have a culture of collaboration with Colliers teams in the UK and abroad, regularly working in tandem to provide our clients with a high quality and efficient service.

Advisory Services Development Advice

We use bespoke modelling techniques, supported by market research and years of experience to provide our clients with a range of development options for their sites.

Our work enables us to advise clients on individual buildings to masterplan projects, whether development or redevelopment to find the most appropriate, viable and deliverable solutions and prepare the project for delivery or disposal.

Advisory Services Feasibility Studies

We create a bespoke viability model for each and every project.

Our models financially illustrate the efficiency, viability and profitability of your projects, assisting with decision making. We carry out ‘what if’ scenarios from the earliest stages and our models evolve with the project to ensure viable and deliverable developments.

We are experienced in undertaking viability assessments for affordable housing and Section 106 negotiations and regularly represent private and public sector clients.

Advisory Services Financial Viability Analysis

The Development Advisory team has extensive experience monitoring a wide range of residential and mixed-use schemes across the UK.

We have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of public sector fund monitoring, and have represented Homes England and numerous local authorities and other public sector organisations. We also offer a monitoring service for development partners and funders.

Advisory Services Development Monitoring

Creating new and innovative routes to successful developments is vital in an uncertain world.

Partnerships between landowners, developers, investors and funding partners are becoming commonplace. At Colliers Development Advisory we can prepare, negotiate and agree the terms of these Development Agreements, ensuring the best possible commercial and financial outcomes for our clients.

Advisory Services Negotiation Development Agreements

The majority of our work is undertaken before the development starts on site. Redevelopment of brownfield land can be constrained by physical and legal obstructions, including the presence of leases on part or the whole site.

Securing vacant possession is essential for redevelopment and we have experience advising landlords and tenants on appropriate and successful strategies.

Advisory Services Lease Surrender Negotiations

Agency Services

Starting a successful scheme

Our experienced understanding of the complexities of sale and acquisition means we offer end-to-end advice for the successful purchase of your development land.

Covering all property asset classes from residential to commercial, we will assess your requirements to ensure that your acquisition plans are fit for purpose.

Agency Services Development Acquisition Advice

Choosing the right team

We know that you need the right business partner to see your project through to completion. Joint ventures must pool together resources, skills and assets that complement your own and that are a cultural match with shared values and vision.

Our team of experts can identify partners that have strong potential for growth, fit your innovation needs and who have the resources required to benefit you.

Agency Services Joint Venture Partner Selection

Promoting and selling your assets

As a leading commercial real estate agent, Colliers is in a strong position to promote your sites to targeted groups of interested organisations and individuals.

Our experience of disposals spans across all property asset classes and with contacts across the UK and globally, we are instantly able to tap into our extensive network.

Agency Services Marketing Disposal Sites

Overcoming regulatory complexity

At Colliers we understand that when public sector bodies purchase goods or services there are regulations that must be followed.

We work with our clients and their project teams to ensure that the most appropriate procurement practices are identified and your projects are delivered.

Colliers experts work within national frameworks to provide advice and hands on experience on how best to deal with the challenges of taking your project from vison to delivery.

Agency Services Public Sector

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