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Case Study

Refinance of Regional Office Assets Portfolio

A property company was refinancing its portfolio of regional office assets to support an asset value maximisation program. Aside from a high LTV, the client sought low amortisation and flexible money.
  • Total Portfolio Size £135m
  • Interest Only

    Low Amortisation

  • Minimal Make-Whole 1 Year

Deal Outline


  • Offices assets
  • Regional UK


  • Senior and mezzanine facilities with first and second legal charges respectively 


  • Rental income from office tenants
  • Some owner-occupier income


  • High LTV (Over 75%)
  • Low Amortisation
  • Competitive blended pricing


  • Limited prepayment penalties wanted
  • Regional portfolio with a challenging history of vacancies

Facility Secured

  • £88m interest-only facility
  • Zero prepayment penalties after 1 year
  • High LTV through senior and mezzanine tranches


A UK property investment and management company sought to refinance its portfolio of regional UK office assets. We were asked to seek competitive funding but at a leverage level above traditional senior funding. Furthermore, any facility sought also needed to have limited prepayment penalties to give the client maximum flexibility to undertake property value maximisation works. 


The team undertook full modelling, including filming of the entire portfolio and engaged with lenders appropriate for such a transaction on both senior and mezzanine levels. The facility secured has no prepayment penalties after year 1 and achieved an LTV above 75%. The blended margin for the total debt amount was below 4%.

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