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Debt Advisory

Strategically Improving Real Estate Debt

Access over 250 lenders through one point of contact. We advise on acquisitions and disposals, real estate investment and development.


Our experts in Debt Advisory provide lending solutions through a single point of contact, removing time and cost pressures for you. As the debt space grows more and more complex, our role is to improve the efficiency of portfolios on an ongoing basis with our debt advice and origination. Our input enhances real estate transactions, whether at point of sale, or during the life of the portfolio. We offer a holistic lending service for complete debt portfolios, providing care and maintenance on an on-going basis, offering relationship touch points between transactions.

Our Services

Why work with us?

We ensure optimal terms with maximum confidence by working impartially with lenders who best match each client’s circumstances.

Our National Capital Markets team advises on acquisitions and disposals, real estate investment, development and finance requirements across the UK. Also operating worldwide, we work with a range of institutional investors, property companies, asset managers and private equity firms.

Engaging us for Real Estate Debt Advisory means:

  • A single point of contact to 200+ lending relationships play the video
  • In-house modelling, strategic advice, stress testing and analysis of comparables
  • A holistic understanding of real estate within Colliers International’s National Capital Markets Team
  • Draw down to completion managed on your behalf play the video
  • Lead or supporting role to completion
  • Lending providers out of the mainstream scope
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How we work

Understanding risk appetite is paramount. From high street banks to pension funds, specialist and peer-to-peer lenders, we track market information and lender policies. Structuring optimal lending in changing markets is where we truly add value. We approach only the most suitable providers, leveraging our credit expertise into client savings.

Engaging us entirely delegates:

  • Strategic analysis of gearing, debt maturity, capital allocation and funding structures
  • Modelling and stress testing to determine equity required
  • Sourcing and presenting to lenders
  • Negotiating pricing, covenants and other requirements
  • Reports for investors and boards
  • Optimal debt structuring, including project timetable
  • Management of the draw down process from conception to completion

Through expertise and relationships, we are trusted by our clients and lenders to bring perspective to the structuring of debt within real estate portfolios.

We are lender-impartial and free from bias or incentives. By representing the borrower, we equip our clients to make best-informed lending decisions.

In addition to providing real estate finance solutions, we work closely with the Colliers Advisory & Restructuring team who specialise in supporting corporate restructuring, turnaround and insolvency situations – find out more here.

This enables us to provide truly end-to-end advice regarding loan origination, interim monitoring and exit across performing and non-performing assets.

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Case Stories

Case Study 1

Blue Chip Tech company leverage maximised

£105m office asset


With a blend of three lending providers, a huge 95% LTV was achieved


*stock image for confidentiality

Case Study 2
Portfolio refinanced

£15m total portfolio value


10 year term at 2.85% over LIBOR


61% secured – £9.1m


Low amortisation secured


*stock image for confidentiality

Case Study 3
High LTV blended senior and mezzanine refinance

High LTV blended senior and mezzanine refinance


£135m property portfolio


Interest only low amortisation


1 year minimal makehold


*stock image for confidentiality

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