Campus 6 is the new office complex developed in the Center-Western area of Bucharest, near the Polytechnic University. The total leasable area of 81,000 square meters includes four Class A buildings. The project aims to provide a unique experience to all tenants who increasingly focus on the well-being of employees so that they can work in an environment that best suits the needs.

The project aims to provide a unique experience to all tenants who increasingly focus on the well-being of employees so that they can work in an environment that best suits their needs. With its attractive landscaping, Campus 6 will become both an ideal job and a meeting point that favors the creation of a community: green spaces with electrical outlets and Wi-Fi, the amphitheater, restaurants and cafes with terraces will be perfect locations which employees and visitors can work, meet or relax. The main attraction will be the runway on the roof of buildings 2 and 3, which encourages physical exercise and offers an impressive view of the area.

“The Skanska project has all the prerequisites for being successful and getting WELL certification adds value to it to become a reference project for the real estate market in Romania. The WELL standard is a differentiating feature of office buildings that aim to provide a sustainable, productive, and healthy lifestyle. The demand for this certification will gradually increase, coming from several players – developers, tenants, employees – so we expect that at least half of the Romanian office building developers will opt for WELL in the next 5 years”, Oana Stamatin, Director of Green Certifications and Building Surveying at Colliers International Romania said.

WELL Building is the first health standard to address the way buildings protect and even have a positive impact on the health and well-being of occupants. Certified WELL spaces are designed to improve nutrition, physical activity, mood, sleep patterns, productivity and performance of people who work, live or go shopping; the quality and accessibility of air, water and natural or artificial light should be optimized and space should be comfortable and support cognitive and emotional health through design and technology.

“The main focus of the office projects we are developing is to meet the needs of end-users. That's why we design workspaces that meet not only the functional criteria for a pleasant or comfortable environment but also provide emotional, social and personal benefits. Well-certified office buildings are spaces where employees are encouraged to build healthy, sustainable habits in an environmentally friendly environment. All of the seven WELL standard indicators turn certification into a new standard of office life wellbeing, which for users translates into workspaces that are both personal and productivity-enhancing”, Aurelia Luca, Managing Director of Skanska Romania declared.

The Colliers consulting service establishes as the first step in the certification development process the WELL strategy to determine how the requirements of the standard can be implemented in the design and construction of the building. Colliers WELL specialists then send the building documentation to the certification institute, supervise the precertification, and then verify the performance of the building – WELL Assessor on-site testing of air and water quality – and meeting the standards required by the standard. The process ends with obtaining the certification.