With the delivery of the ParkLake Plaza shopping center, the current stock of modern retail space in Bucharest will increase from 1.06 million sqm to 1.13 million sqm, which means that the stock of shopping centers per thousand inhabitants in the metropolitan area will reach about 452 sqm, being still well behind the average of large cities in the region. By the end of the year, in Bucharest, there is also to be delivered the Veranda Mall shopping center, located in the Bucur Obor area.

Based on internal calculations of Colliers, taking into account changes in purchasing power and pace of consumption growth in the coming years, we estimate that the market will absorb in the years to come around 200,000 sqm leasable area, out of which the shopping centers announced for delivery in Bucharest this year add up to roughly 100,000 sqm”, said Liana Dumitru, Associate Director in the Retail Department of Colliers International. „Thus, we consider that outside the projects delivered this year, in Bucharest there is room for another large shopping center”, added Liana Dumitru.


The delivery of the new mall Plaza ParkLake will put pressure on the eastern part of Bucharest, where less than 18 months ago came another large shopping center, Mega Mall. The eastern part of Bucharest will be covered by the end of the year by four modern shopping centers, Mega Mall, ParkLake Plaza, Bucharest Mall and Mall Veranda, located within a radius of five to six kilometers.


“It is difficult to estimate the impact that the new deliveries announced this year will have on existing projects, but certainly the mode of operation, flexibility and adaptability to consumer needs, as well as the constant communication with the consumer, will be decisive for the long-term success of each shopping center. Also, the new concepts of shopping and entertainment that every center will offer to their consumers can enhance the appeal of each project, the extent of the visits and consumer preference in favor of one or another shopping center ", concluded Liana Dumitru.