“Similar to previous years, the existing clients represented the biggest share in the total appraisal value of 2011, 85% respectively. Numerically, circa 30% of the contracts signed in 2011 involved new clients. 2012, as well, started on a positive trend, through the conclusion of the biggest valuation transaction of the past three years”, said Laurenţiu Lazăr, Director of the Valuation and Advisory Services department of Colliers International.

The majority of the requests were intended for financing purposes, while their cumulative appraisal value represented approximately 50% of the total appraised value in 2011. The second largest share in the total appraised value was represented by works for financial reporting and tax purposes, with a combined value of approximately 25% of the entire year-end value. A significant increase was registered by the appraisal projects for sale and acquisition purposes, compared to a relatively small proportion in 2010.

Circa 15% of the contracts signed in 2011 involved feasability studies, market studies and best-use studies. A notable percentage of the revenues obtained in 2011 came from the appraisal of banks’ mortgages portfolios. Since the launch of this service, the Valuation and Advisory Services team of Colliers International undertook projects for 13 of the financial institutions that own major assest on the Romanian market.

2011 brought a light increase in revenues for the Valuation and Advisory Services department of Colliers International in Romania, while for the current year we estimate a stable evolution. One major aspect that will describe the market’s evolution this year is a high level of complexity or, on the contrary, a raised degree of specificity of the clients’ requests compared to previous years.

“Our goal for 2012 is to address the needs of mixed portfolio owners, for which we are currently developing specific valuation products. In reply to the more complex needs of the market, we continued the consolidation and development of our areas of expertise - in 2011 we increased the valuation and consultancy team up to 15 members, both juniors and seniors with solid knowledge of each market segment. Therefore, we reached a level where our capabilities allow us to provide optimum solutions both for complex and specific requests”, added the Director of the Valuation and Advisory Services of Colliers International.