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Property Snapshot September 2019

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UK economic performance remains lacklustre given that business investment remains flat. This is the direct consequence of Brexit induced business uncertainty. This uncertainty is also impacting direct investment in real estate as buyers ‘wait and see’ and as property owners to hold back assets from the market.
The evidence suggests that should a deal be agreed with the EU by 31st October, that a surge in activity levels is to be expected in the last two months of the year. This may come too late to salvage disappointing transactional volumes for 2019, but will also mean a strong start to 2020.
Let’s be hopeful as there are electoral risks to real estate that many of us would prefer not to think about, most of which would result in a further extension of uncertainty. We will hopefully know more by the release of the next Snapshot, after the European Council Meeting on the 17th and 18th of October.

Property snapshot 2019 septembert

Property Snapshot September 2019

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Oliver Kolodseike

Director of Economics and Research

Research and Forecasting

London - West End

Oliver is Head of Economic Research and leads the quarterly UK forecasting process including the publication of Colliers' Real Estate Investment Forecasts (REIF) report. He also  authors the monthly Property Snapshot and, quarterly Scotland Snapshot. Prior to joining Colliers, he worked for the Centre for Economics and Business Research and IHS Markit. Oliver holds a BA in Economics from  Georg-August University Göttingen (Germany) and an MSc in Economics from Exeter University.

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