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Election Trends, Sterling and UK Real Estate

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After tracking sterling for the last couple of months, we have concluded that some line has been drawn under sterling’s downside. Potentially, a powerful message for UK real estate. An acrimonious ‘no deal’ EU exit has been dismissed, hence the worst scenario is leaving the EU with a deal, which looks to be priced into sterling already. The alternatives are either a softer Brexit or no exit at all, both of which have sterling upsides.

Now purists might argue that, despite an agreed deal, that subsequent EU trade negotiations could fail, resulting in a future ‘Hard Brexit’. Our crass reply? In the spirit of our Prime Minister - quid sit futurum cras, fuge quaerere (avoid asking what the future will bring).

At a pragmatic level, we would suggest that once the spirit of a future trade relationship is agreed, reality will be hard to resist. We hope...

election trends sterling real estate 2019

Election Trends, Sterling and UK Real Estate

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Walter Boettcher

Head of Research and Economics

Research and Forecasting

London - West End

As Head of Research and Economics at global property advisors Colliers based in London, I lead a team of researchers identifying timely research topics and directing research and forecasting outputs. I have 25+ years of UK and European property industry experience and extensive expertise across a wide range of sectors and related industries. I participate regularly in industry panel discussions, but am focused more on direct client engagement with institutions, property companies, banks, and private investors. A regular media commentator, I have a wide range of national publication and broadcast experience. I joined Colliers International in August 2007 after several years at a private property company where I was responsible for managing a mixed portfolio of London residential, retail and office assets. Previously, I worked in a few London property advisory firms, a geodemographic company as well as a few youthful sojourns in the US offshore oil industry, local government and entertainment business. I am an economics graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and received a  PhD from the Faculty of Science at University College London.  I am a member of the London Property Economics Forum and  Society of Property Researchers.

Perhaps best known for my alternative take on property economics and investment, I am a keen proponent of UK regional development and infrastructure investment.

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