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News from Portugal

Welcome to Colliers International News Centre. Here you will find the latest news and information.

2016 is expected to consolidate the turning point indicators’ that have marked the previous year for Portuguese real estate. At Colliers International we will keep accelerating the success of our clients, helping to open the doors of property investment.

Latest Property News

  • Hotel Investment Guide


  • Lisbon's High Quality Office Supply is not Enough

    Colliers International concluded that high quality office supply, in Lisbon, is lacking and may deter growth prospects for the office market.

  • Positive Reviews for Lisbon's hotels

    The guests’ reviews for Lisbon hotels was quite positive, with 69% of positive responses. Location, cleanliness and services offered by hotels rank among the best in Europe.

  • New Rules for Angolan Valuation Industry

    The BNA issued a new regulatory framework including several changes for the valuation industry in Angola.

  • Hotel Market will reach new highs in 2016

    In the most recent survey on the hotel market, Colliers International studied the performance of Lisbon and Porto’s hotel market and concluded that 2016 will be a year with new highs. The growth pace of occupancy and prices, in both cities, is quite unusual in the European scene.

  • The World Shopper

    To gain a better understanding of how shoppers actually behave country by country and see our analysis of shopping and payment habits across a number of key international locations read the full report.

  • Good opportunities in the Hostel Market

    Global interest in the hostel market has been increasing, which is clearly attested by supply growth across Europe and by the 2 major acquisitions of important hostel chains, completed this year. Only one of the largest hostel chains operates in Portugal: Equity Point, in Lisbon.

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