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Meet our expert Chris Pilgrim

Q: How long have you been in the real estate industry and how did you come to join Colliers?

I started my real estate career in 2006 where I qualified as a Chartered Surveyor, before moving into the cross-border capital markets space. Prior to joining Colliers in 2021, I spent 10 years as an Executive Director at CBRE where I worked across the globe and being based in London, Kuala Lumpur and latterly Singapore, where I led the global capital markets team in Southeast Asia. I joined Colliers because of the opportunity to work with market leaders across the world and to help expand our global capital offering to not only our teams, but most importantly to our institutional client base transacting in multiple geographies and across all real estate asset classes.  

Q: What is your current role at Colliers and how do you use your expertise to help clients?

I am a Director in our Global Capital Markets department and I sit on the leadership board influencing strategy and best practice across our 1,500+ worldwide Capital Markets professionals. Day to day I work closely with large institutional investors based across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific looking to deploy meaningful capital into varied direct and indirect real estate strategies. I believe our clients benefit by us being adaptive in understanding the right capital for specific assignments as well as identifying new capital sources around the world. 

Q: What excites you about being part of a global team?

I’m excited to be a part of the Global Capital Markets platform, as there are limited worldwide real estate organisations which have the genuine global reach under a single parent company, but Colliers is one of them. This ensures we can provide a uniquely collaborative approach to our cross-border clients, not just in capital markets, but across our holistic offering of service lines. It is an extraordinarily exciting time to be a part of the Global Capital Markets team, particularly as travel reopens. This allows us to spend time in key markets around the world, meeting with the most aggressive capital looking to deploy into global markets, whilst also giving us the privileged position of advising on strategies across different geographies and sectors.

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Chris Pilgrim

Director, Global Capital Markets

Global Capital Markets

London - West End

Christopher Pilgrim is a Director of Colliers, a Nasdaq and Toronto Stock Exchange listed leading diversified professional services and investment management organisation. Mr Pilgrim holds a senior leadership position within Colliers Global Capital Markets platform and specialises in the deployment of capital into real estate globally. He is also a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Prior to relocating to London, Mr Pilgrim was based in Singapore where he held the position of Executive Director at Fortune 500 company, CBRE. He has previously been based in London, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with responsibilities for advising global capital deploy into London, the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas, across all use classes and sectors. Over the past 15 years, he has advised a diverse client base with a focus on overseas institutional investors including Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pensions Funds, Government Linked Companies, Listed Property Companies, Investment and Asset Managers, REITs and Private Investors.

Mr Pilgrim has advised on a range of landmark cross-border transactions totalling in excess of US$10 billion in both income generating investment assets as well as total development value.

Mr Pilgrim has deep experience advising, structuring and transacting across the risk return spectrum. In both the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, he has built a strong track record in the marketing of US$1b+ single asset trades and complex development projects, as well as structuring and marketing corporate merger and acquisition activity. In his decade of specialising in international investment he has successfully navigated diverse business environments, managing varied cultures and business practices.

Mr Pilgrim has worked in commercial real estate markets on both a direct and indirect basis, advising clients on cross-border real estate strategies and transactions in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Australia and the wider APAC region. He has deep knowledge and strong relationships with capital from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong and the wider SE Asia region.

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