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Five ways to create an unforgettable office experience

Blog 29 07 21 Five ways to create unforgettable office experience hero

If there is one thing we have learnt from the last year, it is that customer experience is going to be a crucial component to the office.

It is well documented that people will be demanding more from their office having had a full year to reflect on work-life balance and whether the physical space they work in is worth the commute. 

So just how can we as property managers create an exceptional customer experience in the office? This question is at the heart of our Beyond service and constantly drives us to innovate. Here we share our top five tips to create a positive return to the office.

1. Offer a bespoke service
Gone are the days of offering generic front of house services in an office. It is crucial that both occupiers and guests are made to feel that the service they are receiving has been delivered exclusively for them. This involves understanding who uses the building and what each occupier and guest will require from the moment they step into it. Tailoring each interaction to be bespoke might sound like a big ask, but it is worth the additional effort to create memorable moments.

2. Anticipate needs – learn from hospitality industry
Providing a proactive customer service is crucial to successful front of house interactions. A lot can be learnt here from the hospitality industry; offering services that are not typically the norm from an office property. This could include dry cleaning drop-off and collection or local recommendations for restaurants based on knowledge of the individual. Being plugged into the nearby businesses and leisure offerings is going to be key here and allows front of house staff to easily recommend suitable locations for meetings, lunches or places to stay. This also helps embed the business within the local community and create new relationships with those around them. The ability to foresee customer experiences by anticipating needs before they occur is the key to creating a “wow” effect.

3. Surprise your occupiers!
Keeping the customer guessing is going to be crucial in ensuring that front of house don’t rest on their laurels and continue to strive to provide exceptional service. This can include organising pop-up events which reflect the demographics and preferences of the building’s occupiers. A focus on well-being and environmental initiatives will also be crucial as workers return from home, setting up running or cycling clubs could be really popular. 

4. Don’t forget the human element in customer service
All of these exciting ways to engage occupiers and guests to a building shouldn’t eclipse the actual human interaction. Ensuring that guests and people who visit the building are made to feel welcome and special is paramount. Each person who interacts with front of house staff should be made to feel like a long-term bond has been made, and that they’re treated and respected as individuals. Real emotions factored into every interaction by the customer service team is the most fundamental component of creating a true sense of belonging for the occupiers. The modern workforce needs a lot more than just an office space. 

5. The key to creating a great office experience is sincerity, commitment, and dedication 
These three words should be at the core of any front of house service. Hiring and training the right people will make this a lot easier. With Beyond we look to recruit people from a variety of backgrounds including hospitality, air travel, retail and - of course - front of house. Providing a strong structure of bespoke training will help ensure staff are motivated, dedicated and working in their roles with a strong sense of commitment. Offering exceptional customer service is not just dedicated to those who use the buildings, but we also have a duty to ensure this is extended to our staff on the ground as well.
About the author:
Zohaib Razvi is a hospitality management professional with more than 15 years’ of experience working with some of the world’s most renowned luxury hotels including The Royal Horseguards Hotel, The Grosvenor Hotel and The Tower Hotel in London. He has designed and launched Colliers customer experience service line Beyond.


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Zohaib Razvi

Director | Head of Customer Experience

Investment Property Management

London - West End

Zohaib joined Colliers in January 2020 to spearhead the Customer Experience Strategy. Zohaib is a hospitality management professional offering 15  years of experience in executing challenging responsibilities pertaining to Guest Relations Management, Front of House Operations, Food and Beverage Operations in the Hospitality and Property Management industry. Zohaib has worked for some of the world's most renowned Luxury Hotels such as Grand Hyatt Hotel Mumbai, The Grand Sheraton Hotel Mumbai, Le Meridien, Pune, The Royal Horseguards Hotel London, The Grovenor Hotel London, The Tower Hotel London, Hilton Hotel London.

Zohaib is also experienced in the property management sector leading a large in-house FOH operation and has a proven track record in delivering exceptional Guest experience with prime focus on a 5 Star delivery from enquiry to execution. People management skill are Zohaib's core strength, along with an extensive knowledge of team performance management, recruitment strategy and team building.

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