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Economics of Climate Change

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Today Stewart Smith, director in our property management team based in Scotland attended The Economics of Climate Change event at the Green Zone in Glasgow which is running alongside the UN Climate Change Conference. Stewart tells us what he has taken away from today’s event.

Tell us why you attended today’s why you attended today’s Economics of Climate Change discussion?
I wanted to attend this event because I thought it would be interesting to hear about the interplay between economics and the environment and to understand some of the major trade offs that are required to help deliver positive environmental change. 

Was there a single quote or fact that really stood out to you?
One of the panel members recalled Margaret Thatcher’s famous quote: “No generation has freehold on this Earth. All we have is a life tenancy with a full repairing lease.” Really chimes with those of us from a property background. I genuinely feel that there is real motivation to accord with these principles as we have been hearing strong words from the world leaders as well.

What do you think landlords and occupiers should take away from today’s conference?
Today’s theme of wide scale collaboration across economies and geographies absolutely applies in a property specific context. We need to continue to see landlords and occupiers working together to deliver upon their respective and collective ESG goals.

What do you think those attending virtually missed out about the physical conference?
It was great to be in the room, the energy and enthusiasm amongst both the exhibitors and attendees was tangible. It is difficult to leave an event like this and not be motivated to make a positive change. 

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About the author

Stewart Smith is a director in our property management team who works with a range of private and institutional clients as well as manages the Scottish Enterprise property portfolio. 

To contact Stewart, email

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